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Write For Us

Are you a mechanic looking for a place where you could share your experience and your tricks of the trade to help other like-minded people? Or maybe you just started playing with cars and you would like to share your journey with the world? If that’s the case, we would be glad to let you join our team!

Here are our guidelines:

  • The content must be related to our topic; this one is a no-brainer but you can’t imagine how often we receive guest posts on stuff not even related to our niche.
  • The content must be detailed and unique; we won’t publish any quick 600-words post just for the sake of backlinks (1000 words and beyond is a minimum)
  • We won’t publish anything on a subject that has already been beaten to death. No “basic maintenance”, “how to sell your car”, “how to change your wipers”, “how to wash your car”, “how to buy a used car”, “car financing made easy” kinda shit. That’s already been done everywhere and nobody cares about that.
  • The content must be exempt from spelling or grammar errors; if you don’t create your posts with care, we don’t want that on our website.
  • Any links included in the post must be related to the subject covered in the post and should link only to quality pages; we won’t insert links pointing to spammy or shitty websites.
  • You can’t use your website’s URL or brand name as anchor text either.
  • No location-based topics and anchor texts like “Cars for sale in Albuquerque”, “Car Towing in Cincinnati” or “Auto parts in Melbourne”. Anchor texts like these are simply not relevant for 90% of our readers who don’t live anywhere near those cities.
  • We won’t link to a specific repair shop. For example, we won’t link to “Lincoln Auto Repair Shop” located somewhere in Perth, Australia, because I don’t know who you are and I don’t know how you work and won’t recommend a potentially shitty garage to my customers. As far as I know, you could well be a redneck mechanic working in his backyard replacing parts for no reason.
  • We will own the content published; you can’t re-spin it and publish it on any other website.
  • You must know that we could edit and make minor changes to the post; In some cases, we could edit the words and/or images to better fit our style. Nothing major but just so you know it could happen.

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