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Who Makes Napa Batteries? Everything You Need To Know

Everybody knows NAPA, right? Of course, many people know or must have heard the company’s name, but the company does not tell you who manufactures their own brand’s car batteries. Therefore, not everyone knows who makes their batteries.

Just like EverStart and Duralast, people are curious about who makes NAPA batteries. As you read ahead, you will definitely find the answer to this question along with answers to many other questions that might come to your mind about NAPA batteries. 

Before jumping on to the main question, let us know about different batteries and their features of NAPA.

NAPA batteries for different vehicles:

NAPA makes and sells batteries for many different vehicles, and with different sizes available, the battery type varies from one vehicle to another. Here are some types of NAPA batteries for different vehicles:

Automotive NAPA batteries

You will find that there are many choices when you need a battery for your car. You can get it in the NAPA Auto store, regardless of the type of automotive battery you are looking for. 

If you have imported or domestic cars, SUVs, or trucks, there are AGM, and conventional batteries for you as AGM batteries are best because they last a long time and are good in shaking or bumpy areas.

The NAPA legendary AGM series holds a solid gold reputation and offers advanced vibration protection, better start protection, a spill-proof system, longevity, and uncompromised overall power output.

Multisport NAPA batteries: 

The batteries that are made for recreational vehicles meet the demands of various vehicles, including leisure, ATVs, snowmobiles, and more.

The Deep cycle batteries: 

There are many different types of batteries, and you can use starter batteries to start your car, and they can quickly get out a lot of energy.

Less energy is released over time in the case of deep cycle batteries and also helps you when your car is parked for a very long time.

NAPA batteries and their features:

We have listed four different batteries by NAPA with their various features:

who makes napa batteries

  • NAPA – Power: The Power battery of NAPA offers excellent quality and maintenance-free design with a free replacement 18-month warranty.
  • NAPA – The Legend: The reason for car battery of this model is considered legendary is because of its excellent performance, and also it has a high reserve capacity for emergencies.
  • The legend premium battery: This legend premium battery is an optimal choice for starting the performance as it protects in the event of extreme temperatures. 
  • Premium AGM battery: The premium AGM battery is the top choice among many options as it provides the best starting power, mainly due to its 20x protection against vibration.

Who makes NAPA batteries?

Now here comes the real question, although the company, NAPA, itself does not tell you who manufactures their own brand’s car batteries, don’t worry because we will as that’s what we are here for. 

Let’s first look at a page of the history of the company. NAPA has been making batteries since 2009, and the company manufacturing those batteries is East Penn. 

East Penn was founded in 1946 and quickly became one of the most respected manufacturers in the United States. The company has been in this batter manufacturing business for a long time and has been producing lead-acid batteries. 

Also, it is best known for its Deka batteries brand and offers a wide variety of batteries and battery accessories like wires, cables, and other stuff. However, you should note that there are other manufacturers that also produce Napa batteries.

About the manufacturers

East Penn is award-winning and the world’s largest manufacturer of single-site lead-acid batteries. You will be surprised to know that the NAPA organization awards this honor to the manufacturer providing the most outstanding service every year.

It is a privately owned business, and being the NAPA battery supplier, it has been awarded the 33rd annual ‘spirit of Napa’ award. The award was presented to the company because of its outstanding service to the Napa organization as they achieved to gain 97.4 order fill rate and doubled the sales growth. 

East Penn is a renowned manufacturer that supplies only quality batteries. Specifically, it is pretty popular for producing quality lead-acid batteries, that too, for various vehicle use, and battery cables, chargers, boosters, and other battery accessories.

East Penn Has batteries for any vehicle use with unbeatable standards. As the company’s ability to effectively deliver products to the end customer, according to the nominations is pretty appreciable, they undoubtedly were selected for manufacturing. 


NAPA batteries are indeed a good choice if you are looking for long-lasting and high-quality batteries for your vehicle. East Penn, being a well-known manufacturer that owns and operates the largest battery manufacturing plant in the world, supplies quality batteries for NAPA. 

I hope now you must have got a better understanding of who makes NAPA batteries and other important information regarding them to aid in your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions about NAPA Batteries

Here are some questions with their answers to help you know more about NAPA Batteries and understand better:

You can buy NAPA batteries from stores but if you don’t want to buy from any store or company then you can just purchase them online as it is the easiest way to buy them online from their website.

As NAPA batteries are deep cycle batteries that means they can store more power over a period of time. 

You don’t have to worry about forgetting to charge your car as they also have less energy release so that you can charge and use your car longer without worrying about it dying suddenly or charging all the time. 

NAPA batteries have an average warranty of 24 months. You will be surprised to know, NAPA will replace your battery if it is defective and the best part about it is that they will do this for free as long as the battery is brought into a store.

You can also just order a battery and have it shipped to your home and the company will provide instructions on how the warranty process actually works. 

You don’t have to travel all the way to manufacturers as you can bring your car to a NAPA AutoCare Center where they will replace the car battery for you. To make it simple and affordable, you can change it yourself too. 

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