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Who Makes Everstart Batteries? Are They Worth?

The importance of batteries in the vehicle definitely cannot be denied as almost any vehicle uses batteries as they provide electrical energy to work and maintain all vehicle operations.

You will find many types of batteries with different qualities and costs, but Everstart is one of the leading companies when talking about automotive batteries and are well known for their long battery life with extreme condition tolerance. 

Since this is a high-end battery line, and the company’s automotive batteries are among the most popular brands in the US, you must be curious about who makes Everstart batteries. 

As you read ahead, this question won’t be a mystery for you anymore, and you will find the answers to all your questions and some interesting additional knowledge about Everstar batteries, but before that, let us see what types of Everstar batteries are available. Recently we also talked about who makes the Douglas tires and Detroit axle products. So have a look at them too. 

Types Of EverStart Batteries

Everstart batteries come in different types are available for all sorts of vehicles and motorized equipment. Here are types of Everstart batteries: 

Automotive Batteries

EverStart batteries are used to power many vehicles due to their amazing quality and low price point, SUVs, and trucks around America.

For creating the chemical reaction inside the battery, these car batteries use a combination of sulfuric acid and water to power the vehicle and will last for a long time as only a small percentage of this charge is used each time.

Leisure and Vehicle Batteries

Note that standard car or truck batteries do not work in any leisure vehicles or RVs if you don’t know. 

For vehicles like leisure vehicles or RVs, you will need a battery similar to marine batteries, deep-cycle, or starter. You are lucky that EverStart carries an entire line of batteries suitable to power such types of vehicles.

Marine and Deep-Cycle Batteries

You will require a starting or deep-cycle battery to supply power to small to medium-sized boats.

These deep-cycle batteries come with a specific design to discharge heavily and provide a steady stream of current. Whereas automotive batteries only use a small portion of charge at a time.

Multi-Sport Batteries

Multi-sport batteries are widely used for a variety of driving options like all-terrain vehicles, jet skis, motorcycles, and snowmobiles.

Some newer models absorb fiberglass batteries which are also lead-based, whereas some recreational vehicles use lead-acid batteries.

Tractor and Riding Lawn Mower Batteries

Tractors and riding lawn mowers both use a 10-volt battery similar but much smaller in size to car batteries. 

Even if you have a large or small size of tractors and riding lawn mowers, Everstart carries batteries for all of them, depending on your needs.

Who Makes EverStart Batteries 

Here comes the main question for which you must be curious the most. Johnson Controls, a major battery manufacturer, is responsible to manufactures Everstart batteries. 

The company manufactures EverStart batteries that are low-maintenance, good-quality, and last for long. Depending on type and size, the batteries come in different price ranges from $50.

Where Are EverStart Batteries Made?

Johnson Controls, an American battery company, has an Irish-domiciled headquarters in Cork, Ireland.

U.S., Canada, and South Korea are included as prime locations where Johnson Controls manufactures its EverStart batteries, and these locations supply all retailers with their EverStart battery stock. 

Something About the manufacturer

Johnson Controls has been in the automotive business for over 130 years and was started in the 19th century. 

You would be surprised to know the few things that Johnson Controls does to make things better for their customers, including being committed to protecting the environment and this American company specializing in building and automotive technology.

Not only that, the management team and company directors work together to help the employees create solutions, quality products, and services by providing leadership. 

Incredibly, Johnson Controls is a Fortune 500 company value with $22 billion in sales all over the world. This was all under Johnson’s name until 2019, after which the company sold its automotive battery business to Brookfield Business Partners.

Who Makes Walmart Everstart Batteries?

Have you ever walked into Walmart and saw a bunch of Everstar batteries and wondered who makes Walmart Everstart batteries? Well, the answer is Clarios, who is the sole supplier of these batteries to Walmart in 2022. 

I know you expected it to Johnson Controls, but as I mentioned in the earlier section, they sold the automotive battery business to Brookfield Business Partners.

Johnson Controls became the sole producer of Walmart’s popular EverStart battery after partnering with Walmart in 2010. 

But the company was the manufacturer until late 2019, and Clarios LLC was formed after Johnson Controls Power Solutions company was sold. One month is their testing period for all batteries, ensuring the best quality. 

Clarios, being a leading energy storage technology company,  distributes, designs, and develops a range of changing battery technologies and manufacturers many other batteries brands, including, Everstart, Kirklands, Duralast, and Diehard.


Johnson Controls, one of the largest battery companies in the world, until late 2019 manufactured EverStart batteries with good efficiency, low maintenance, cost-effective, and lasted for many years.

Clarios became the sole supplier of these batteries to Walmart in 2022 after Johnson Controls sold their company’s automotive battery business to Brookfield Business Partners.

Hopefully, this article was able to improve your knowledge about who makes Everstart batteries and fill you with additional relevant information along with solving your queries. 

Frequently Asked Questions About EverStart Batteries

If you want to know if the battery is worth buying or not, the first thing to consider is the battery life and quality.

You won't be disappointed as Everstart batteries are popular and renowned for their quality. They are well-known car batteries and work great even in extremely low-temperature weather conditions, even in freezing temperatures. 

As Everstart batteries come with a distinctive design that reduces corrosion, they provide long life cycle performance at an affordable cost with high power capacity and minimal weight.

You will find that there are various brands available in the market, but still, EverStart batteries have been marked as one of the best and most affordable batteries on the automotive market repeatedly.

A reputable company manufactures these batteries that guarantee safety and satisfaction. You can also take advantage of their comprehensive 5-year warranty policy if you purchase an EverStart battery from Walmart. 

You can choose a suitable battery for your car as Everstart has many different options and versions, depending on the purpose and vehicle of use.

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