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Who makes Duralast batteries? Everything You Need to Know About

Even if you drive your car or have a business involving vehicle maintenance, we often switch brands and test how they perform in real life when it comes to car or truck batteries.

Duralast batteries are featured reservation capacities to ensure that the vehicle engine offers excellent performance. 

Even though Duralast batteries are one of the best and most reliable battery options among various available vehicle engine batteries, most people are unaware of who makes Duralast batteries, its manufacturer, or where the production takes place.

As you read ahead, you find out the answer to these questions and learn some other interesting information about Duralast batteries. Previously we talked about who makes Everstart batteries and Douglas tires in this post, we’ll talk about who makes the Duralast batteries.

Gathering additional valuable information may help you get an idea about the brand and its products. So, let first start with knowing about various types of Duralast batteries.  

Types of Duralast Batteries

You would find two primary types of Duralast batteries: 

1. Duralast Gold

duralast gold

The Duralast batteries have an excellent design for a huge range of automobiles. This is a 12-volt battery with which you will barely face issues like a flat battery even after you keep your car idle for an extended period of time.

Take note that the battery delivers up to 750 CCA, and you can drive smoothly even in cold weather and conditions. Even the extended battery life is excellent and reduces vibrations during the battery cell movement because of its polypropylene material.

It also has low self-discharge capacity, and you can use this battery for up to five years without any problem. Therefore, you can feel confident going on long drives even in extreme weather conditions without the battery causing any disfunction or developing faults.

2. Duralast Platinum

duralast platinum

This battery has an outstanding design and ensures it powers more with its flat-plate AGM feature. As it comes with a tremendous seal, this battery comes spill-proof element.

Duralast platinum automotive batteries come with excellent resistance to vibrations, so you can comfortably place them in any position you want without facing much stress. 

Besides, this battery holds great deep cycle capacity, unlike other options, even twice the capacity of Duralast Gold.

3. Duralast Standard

duralast standard

This battery line that these basic options hold also has excellent vibration resistance. These batteries have various quick-start features alongside their CCA that appear to be a perfect option for your car and make them worth their price. 

But, the Duralast battery warranty of these options seems less than the product lines mentioned above.

Who Makes Duralast Batteries?

Duralast battery is a product of the company that specializes in providing auto equipment and parts for many different brands, and the company is AutoZone. 

Johnson Controls manufactures the Duralast and Duralast Gold batteries, and also other manufacturers produce AutoZone products, and East Penn and Exide are the notable ones among them. 

About The Manufacturers

As there are many manufacturers of Duralast batteries, it is literally impossible to talk about all of them. So, we have mentioned those companies that manufacture most of the total production across the United States. 

Johnson Control

Johnson Controls is a company that manufactures most of the batteries, among mentioned three, that comes under the Duralast brand and many others. 

It is an American Irish-domiciled multinational conglomerate, and their headquarter is in Ireland. They are spread across six continents operating in 2000 locations and provide employment for around 105,000 people worldwide. 

However, the automotive battery business of Johnson Controls has been sold and rebranded as Clarios. You can surely consider Duralast batteries manufactured by anyone, be it Johnson Controls or Clarios.

East Penn

The renowned East Penn company holds the world’s largest single-site lead-acid battery facility record. They manufacture quite a notable portion of the batteries for AutoZone and are a privately-owned company, unlike Johnson Controls.

Many people at East Penn manufactured batteries from Johnson Controls as they made their reputation over the years. 

Their production line includes gel batteries which are very expensive but have still hold a reputation for being one of the best markets. If you have loads of money to spend on batteries, you can afford this one. 

Exide Technology

Exide technology is another significant manufacturing company that produces Duralast batteries and is an American storage battery manufacturing company.

Initially, Exide technology was actually founded in 1888 by W.W. Gibbs as Electric Storage Battery Company and had its headquarter in Milton, GA. 

Though Exide technology is not at the same level in manufacturing Duralast automotive batteries as Johnson Controls or East Penn company, it still manufactures enough remarkable batteries for AutoZone.

Indeed, it is true that East Penn makes high-quality batteries as compared to Exide, but they are too expensive, and if you want to buy cheaper batteries, you can definitely go with these. You just need to make a compromise with quality. 


Duralast brand is not a new name among the wide range of battery branches, and it is quite well known as well. People be like using Duralast batteries for years, but not many think about who makes Duralast batteries. 

Still, for people who got this ques, I hope this article was able to give a clear answer to your question as well as some additional knowledge on the topic.

Johnson Controls International Plc manufactures the Duralast series of premium batteries.

He and several Milwaukee investors founded the multinational corporation with its headquarters in Cork, Ireland, in 1885. As of 2019, Johnson Controls is reported to have around 2,000 locations on six continents, including the USA, Australia, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, and Brazil.

In addition to Johnson Controls, there are now many businesses that have successfully produced Duralast batteries. Among them are two names: East Penn and Exide. These are the three common suppliers that account for most total battery production in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions About Duralast batteries

Duralast Gold and Platinum batteries are excellent and have the potential to last between three to five years, whereas any regular Duralast battery can last between two to three years.

Although it is not only the battery, in fact, there are several factors are responsible for the longevity of the battery.

You can get Duralast batteries just from a nearby shop or refer to AutoZone as they sell Duralast batteries.

The difference between Duralast and Duralast Gold batteries is that Duralast Gold Batteries are much heavier and equipped with more lead plates for greater vibration resistance and power.

If you want batteries for vehicles with high power demands like heated seats or infotainment systems, these batteries are ideal for such cases. 

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