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Who Makes Douglas Tires (Douglas Tires Reviews)

We put a lot of trust in the tires when you are driving on the highway and city roads for your and your family’s safety. So, going on drives with your vehicle daily, whether, on dry ground or wet, it is really essential to check the condition of the tires. 

There is no doubt that, with Douglas tires, you will be able to drive with maximum comfort and safety on the road. The quality of the tires greatly influences the driving comfort of a vehicle, and Douglas Tires offers you the highest quality vehicle tires.

These are indeed great, but do you know who makes Douglas tires? This indeed is a frequently asked question. As you read ahead, you will find the answer for this question along with answers to many other questions that might come to your mind.   


Types Of Douglas Tires

Before digging deep into the topic, let’s first know about the types of Douglas tires. You would be surprised to know that they offer the same safety and grip results as Douglas’s other manufacturers.

Douglas tires result from many years and miles of testing and provide the expected results to prove that their use is safe and high performance.

You will see tires that have been manufactured for every need, and they are classified in:

  • Douglas high-performance tires
  • Douglas all-season tires

Are Douglas Tires Good?

Do you know what made Douglas tires market favorites around the world? Well, this is because Douglas tires are the product of decades of industry research and development resulting in gaining high recognition around the globe.  

So, are Douglas tires good? Though you will never know unless you use them, but you will find many favorable reviews and people’s positive experiences stating that they are reliable and last a long time.

Therefore the answer to this question is yes, Douglas tires are excellent. Another reason for their worldwide recognition would be the ability to satisfy the needs of most of its consumers by providing products with sophisticated technology at an affordable cost. 

This is why people looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution find Douglas tires the best way to go with.

Who Makes Douglas Tires?

Here comes the biggest and most frequent question. Douglas tires is actually a tire brand owned by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, and they only manufacture and sell the brand through Walmart.

The name was first trademarked in 1992 by a subsidiary of Goodyear, Kelly Springfield Tire Company.

Where Are Douglas Tires Made?

Now we know who makes Douglas tires, but another question might come to your mind about where they are made. 

Only the Kelly-Springfield company of Goodyear makes Douglas tires, and they are not made in all the facilities of Goodyear. Hence, they are all made in Kelly-Springfield Tire Company’s factories. 

These are the company’s production facilities where Douglas tires are produced:

  • You will also find that the firm has several large manufacturing sites across the US. One of the company’s oldest factories resides in Akron, Ohio, and they also utilize a factory in Wooster, Ohio, which was eventually shut down.
  • In Cumberland, Maryland, it has an 81-acre facility, and when it first launched in 1916, it was regarded as one of the largest as this factory employed thousands of workers. 
  • The other two facilities of the firm are Tyler, Texas, and Freeport, Illinois, and these two facilities produce tires in a large number but aren’t the largest producer. 
  • You won’t find any other tire manufacturing factories in the world that can compare to the manufacturing facility in Fayetteville, North Carolina, as it is the world’s largest tire manufacturing factory the company owns and operates.

Who Makes Douglas Tires For Walmart?

As we saw above, Kelly Springfield Tire Company, a subsidiary of Goodyear, owns the brand (Douglas tires) and manufactures the tires. 

Douglas prides itself on being an American company that develops its own tires and is one of these namesake companies, despite its low and affordable price, and this all with a little help from Goodyear.

On the other hand, Walmart is a company that has a huge reputation and prides itself on offering good and high-quality products at competitive prices. You will find Douglas tires only available at Walmart and not accessible or available anywhere else in the world.

How many miles can Douglas tires last?

The average lifespan of Douglas tires is about 40,000–45,000 miles, just like any regular Douglas all-season tires. Although this might differ from person to person as everyone has different driving habits and does regular maintenance tasks.

When should Douglas tires be changed?


Your tires need special care and attention and must be replaced on a regular basis. As we all know, the first safety aspect of paying attention to is your vehicle’s tires, as it is the point of contact between the road and our vehicle. 

The frequency of changing your tires depends on many factors, and to check if you need to change or not is to see if the tire is worn out or not, as the worn tire no longer fulfills its definite function.

This is because vehicles with worn tires decrease grip, especially on wet roads, because they lose their ability to evacuate water. The risk of skidding and gliding down the road increases with braking distance.

You can keep these things in mind while considering changing your vehicle’s tires: 


It is essential to replace it every 25- 30,000 miles even if you think that your tire is in excellent condition as it is supposed to last that long on average. 

However, it is better not to risk them in the case of cheap and less reliable tires and replace them at 6,000 to 8,000 miles but remember, your tire’s life is highly influenced by your driving habits and the type of roads you usually use.


When the tread depth is less than 1.6 mm, treadwear is evident, and high-quality tires should be replaced every 40,000 to 50,000 kilometers, as a general guideline, whereas low-quality tires are supposed to be replaced every 10,000 kilometers.

Unusual wear and tear symptoms

What is exactly unusual or abnormal tire wear? If you see asymmetric wear with large variations in tires on the same axle, wear in the center, or wear on the tread, shoulders are clear and simple, then your tire abnormal tire wear.

If we observe any or even some of the abnormal tire wear as mentioned, then this may be time to replace them.

Tire deterioration

Generally, tire deterioration is usually realized before a puncture or a blowout. If your tire has cuts, cracks, and deformities, then it needs to be changed asap. 


Douglas tires are a good choice if you are looking for moderate-cost tires that you can use for everyday driving. After all, the manufacturers invested a lot of time in industry research and development for them. I hope now you must have got a better understanding of who makes Douglas tires and other important information to aid in your knowledge. Keeping your car condition healthy is a must for everyone. Air filter is one of them and should be cleaned periodically. Here’s How to clean cold air filter intake so that your car can breathe easily. 

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