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How To Reset GM Instrument Cluster

Have you noticed that the gauges are flickering or the readings on your vehicle are inaccurate, making it really hard for you to drive your vehicle? The primary reason for this to happen is most probably an improper or bad instrument cluster. 

It is not like you cannot drive without GM, but to be honest, I would never suggest you this as it could be risky as you will not know about speed, heat, fuel, distance, or anything without a proper working gm instrument cluster.

These are important basic information that you need to know when driving, and you will never know about the engine situation or if your vehicle has enough fuel or not. There is always an option to buy a new one, but the expense will be quite heavy on your wallet.

So, for your car’s proper working, you must know how to reset the gm instrument cluster as resetting can save a lot for you rather than buying a whole new one. As you read ahead, you will come across steps that will help you reset the GM instrument cluster.

How to reset GM instrument cluster


1. Removing headlight fuses

Going through the headlights is your first step in resetting the GM instrument cluster, which includes turning the headlight on and off, and note that this process must be followed repeatedly at the beginning.

It might affect the HID headlights when you turn the light off and on continuously, which may result in causing an increase in the lifetime of the HID headlights. There is also a fuse box situated under the hood that you must check beforehand. 

Just examine the fuse box, and you need to remove the 15A right and left low headlight fuses from this place. 

Now, just through positions 1 and 6, but it is always recommended to go through the owner’s manual. Before taking any initiative, check the manual first before deciding the positions to complete this step.

Note: In this case, you have to ensure that you are reinstalling the headlight fused with the low beam. So, before you start driving, re-check this for your safety.

2. Come to the ignition key

In this step, we are going to work with the ignition key, as you have to get the ignition key first. You must check the ignition lock and put the key inside it after getting the key. 

After when you are done with putting the key inside the ignition lock, move the key and get it back to zero position, and if not, then you can also consider keeping it in position 1.

3. Go to the SEL/RESET button

You can hop onto the next step once you are done with selecting zero or one position of the key. Now, what you have to do is you have to work with the SEL/RESET knob in this part. 

Just push the SEL/RESET knob and remember not to leave it, as you have to hold it there. If you are not familiar with the positioning or appearance of sel/reset button and couldn’t find it, just check the instrument panel.

Look beside the fuel gauge, and you will find the button, and in case your car doesn’t have the button at that position, you can also check below another button called multi-information display info.

It is positioned on the right side of the steering wheel. Look for the button in that part of the vehicle, then push it and do not let go; just hold it there for a few seconds.

4. Turn on the headlight

When you are done with the previous step of searching for the Sel/Reset button and holding it for a few seconds, in this step, you need to get your hands on the headlights once again. Now, all you have to do is just turn on the headlights and follow the next step. 

5. Turn on the ignition switch

When you are done with switching the headlights on, just move ahead and run your hands on the ignitions switch. After that, carefully turn on the ignition switch.

Take a note that you have to be prepared for some additional lights when you have turned on the headlights and the ignition switch. You will understand that it works when you see some extra light coming on.

Remember to wear a seatbelt because the car will give you a warning ring if you don’t wear a belt. You have to wear the seatbelt if you are not wearing one when you hear the sound.

6. Continuous off and on 

It is time to jump onto the next step when you see the lights turned on, and you must ensure that you are fast in this step. This is because you only have five seconds in your hands to do the job of switching the headlights off and then turning them on.

Yup! You heard it right, and you have to do it within five seconds. Also, make sure that you are already holding the Sel/Reset button, as while keeping the button on hold, it’s time to get your hands on the headlights. Then, turn on the headlight first and then turn it off. 

7. Release the SEL/RESET button

After you are done turning the headlights on and off, move your hands quickly to the Sel/Reset button once more, but you don’t need to hold it anymore like before. 

Now, release the button. To do all this process, you will get five seconds in your hand, and you have to make sure that you must complete the work within the mentioned time.

8. Keep repeating

It is quite typical to repeat the process when resetting the GM instrument cluster, and you have to repeat the same thing, but actually, it is the Sel/Reset button and not the headlights.

Push the Sel/Reset button first, and then you have to release the button. You will need to continue pushing it and then release and continue this process three times continuously.

There will be new cycling of the gauges with the help of every press on the Sel/Reset button. Another cycling that contains all the gauges will be initiated in this process. 

Good news! As we are almost done with the resetting process. You will begin to notice that the instrument cluster will start self-testing in this situation.

9. This is the time for ending it

You are done with resetting the GM Instrument cluster, and now, all you have to do is end it. Just go through the ignitions switch and turn it off, and also there is actually another way of turning it off. 

It will automatically end when you start the vehicle and speed it off for more than 1.5 mph. 

10. Reinstallation of headlights fuses

Do you remember the headlight fuses that we removed at the beginning? You have to reinstall the headlight fuses and take them to the underhood fuse box for reinstallation. Finally, this is the last step, and you are done with the whole procedure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

With these points, you can compare and tell whether your instrument cluster is bad or not. Your instrument cluster may be failing if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Dim instrument cluster lights
  • The check engine light coming on sporadically or permanently
  • Intermittent failure of the gauges
  • Inaccurate gauge readings
  • Blinking lights
  • The lights glow up or light up every now and then

If your instrument cluster is out for repair or is not working, you can still start and run your car without it. Although this could be irritating and dangerous and is best not suggested, but is simply not impossible.


It can be really annoying at a time when you are not able to get the basic information needed when driving your GM. Although thinking about how to reset the GM instrument cluster might sound like a lot of work, believe me, it is worth the hassle. Recently we also talked about How To Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy. So make sure to give it a read too. 

It also saves you quite some money, and it is not that complicated or hard at all. Take a look at the steps and methods mentioned above in the article and keep all the important points in mind as they will help reset your GM’s instrument cluster. 

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