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5 Best Automotive Spray Paint For Cars – Reviewed + Buying Guide

What is the point of using spray paints? During the life of your four-wheeler, you might have faced numerous circumstances in which your car might have got dented or scratched. Children around the house can be a reason. 

Whatever the reason might be, owners of cars prefer spray painting their cars often. The real challenge, however, is when you have to decide on particular spray paint. During this process the quality and features offered by the paint are important. 

To provide a detailed overview of how we select a spray paint and which products are the most popular ones in terms of their quality and cost we have brought to you this list of 5 best spray paints for your car.

From our analysis, we have found that even among the 5 best products the Rust-Oleum 252462 Automotive Enamel Spray Paint is the champion among champions. But to know more about these products you have to check out our list below. So let’s dive into the compilation.

5 Best Automotive Spray Paint For Cars – Reviewed

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. Rust-Oleum 252462 Automotive Enamel Spray Paint

  • Thicker coating
  • The weather-resistant property makes it long-lasting.
  • The application process must be carried out properly else it might dry off without giving the shine
  • Negative

Product details:

  1. Paint Type: Enamel
  2. Color: Gloss Black
  3. Unit Count: 12.0 Ounce

This was used to refinish after sanding the bottom access plate on my wife’s car. I soaked the bottom plate in kerosene to get rid of the mouldy felt cushion that collects the oil. Some of the external paint was dissolved by the kerosene. 

So I sanded it down with a high-grit electric sander and then feathered some Rustoleum paint on top. It looks brand new after a few drying and re-coating cycles. So gleaming and professional-looking. 

I’m thinking about using this to cover up some paint chips on my Nissan. This goes on much thicker than the paint. Pay close attention to the directions! They mean it when they say to wait at least a week before sanding, polishing, or waxing. 

This isn’t just a can of spray paint. This is an enamel; glossy but not too shiny, and it will not match the shine of your car’s paint. It is also highly tough. It is weather-resistant, looks excellent, and is simple to install. On that topic, my suggestion would be to use thinner but more coats.

2. Krylon K05151207 ColorMaster Paint

  • Easy to apply
  • Cost-effective
  • A single spray fades off pretty quickly.

Product details:

  1. Surface Recommendation: Plastic, Metal
  2. Color: Blue Ocean Breeze
  3. Unit Count: 12.0 Ounce

This Krylon indoor/outdoor clear coat finish spray does not deteriorate! I was terrified, but I sprayed it on and it had no effect on the colors of the Nissan automobile I had purchased a few years before. 

I simply painted it on in sweeping gestures, like I would any spray paint, and then let it dry. I should note that it took about 24 hours to thoroughly dry, not ten minutes. I’m quite impressed with how this matte enamel clear coat turned out. 

I didn’t sand any of the sections before spraying because I didn’t want to risk leaving scratches. Be warned that this will easily scratch off. Even though I used light, even applications, dried in between, and then applied a clear finish on top, it still scraped off with the slightest touch. 

I was able to fix this by applying two coats on top, which completely fixed the problem. The last time I painted my car was over two years ago, and the color had faded dramatically, so I put these on and they look amazing.

3. Krylon K05546007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint

  • The rose gold colour is beautiful
  • Easy application
  • Wears off easily, so multiple coatings are required

Product details:

  1. Surface Recommendation: Wood,Ceramic,Glass,Metal
  2. Color: Black
  3. Unit Count: 12.0 Ounce

Lovely color, beautiful rose gold. I used it to spray paint the handles of my wife’s car doors, as well as one of the light fittings that had lost its luster. It sprayed an even coat with excellent coverage! It took around two coats, and I sprayed a third for extra protection. 

I’m desperate for more things to spray paint with it because it’s so simple and gorgeous. Excellent coverage with a genuine metallic finish. They’ll probably chip a little because I didn’t have time to sand them down before, but for the price, this is a terrific purchase.

This is my sixth project in which I used spray paint cans, and it was simple to use. I shook the can first, and while applying it, I made sure the first second or two were near the item but not exactly on it to minimize clumping and bubbling up of paint. 

Once I had a constant stream, I waved the can in quick motions over the item, all while pressing the button without letting go. I applied it lightly three times, letting it dry in between. The paint dries quite quickly. No more than ten minutes.

4. Dupli-Color BCL0125 Automotive Top Coat

  • Looks quite good and brings back the shine to an extent
  • The price is worth it
  • The application process is quite tiresome as it takes some time to dry

Product details:

  1. Paint Type: Acrylic
  2. Color: Clear
  3. Unit Count: 8.0 Ounce

This paint was ordered for my son’s college automobile. Due to a small fender incident, I bought a replacement bumper cover for my son’s 2006 Mazda 3, and they wanted $330 to paint it at the body shop. 

Because this was on a college student’s car, I didn’t want to pay $80 more to paint it than the part cost, so I decided to give it a shot. If things became too terrible for him, he’d have to tough it out because he doesn’t have any money. 

Fortunately, this paint worked like a charm. It’s not an exact match, but it’s near enough that it takes more than a glance to tell. I warmed up the garage, laid down a drop cloth, followed the bumper painting instructions, sanded with 1500 grit and cleaned, and applied two coats of the base colour. 

Because the cans are just 8 ounces, it took little more than one can. Caution: If you allow the can to run low, it may begin to spit and spray unevenly. Get two cans and proceed with caution. I used the dupli-colour clear coat after the base layers. 

I finished with two coats of this. It took considerable effort to apply the clear coat evenly and thickly enough to prevent it from running. Because of the odd viewpoint, I got a few haze patches around the headlights. I’ll go back and reapply in certain places.

5. Spray Max 2K High Gloss Finish Clear Coat Spray Paint

  • A-grade product
  • Easy to apply
  • Short expiry date

Product details:

  1. Unit Count: 11.8 Ounce
  2. Finish Type: High-Gloss
  3. Item Form: Aerosol

Before I used this product, I read ALL of the reviews and watched every DIY video that had been posted about it. I’m no pro, but I’ve used a shake ball spray paint and an electric paint sprayer on several doors and valences for the house. 

So I know that preparation, environment temperature, wind, spray nozzle distance, and an even hand sweep are all important factors in getting good results with spray paint.

From a spray paint rattle can, this is the closest thing to a professional-grade clear coat. This substance was used to repair curb rash on Nissan alloy rims. After letting 30 minutes for the Dupli-color BCL0125 Automotive Top Coat to dry, three coats of 2K High Gloss Clearcoat were applied for a glossy finish. 

The end outcome was fantastic. This product will expire 48 hours after activation, so plan ahead of time if you have many projects. I had a lot of paint leftover from restoring one rim, so I used the balance of the 2K Clear the next day to restore my headlights. Once again, this thing worked like a charm.

What to consider while buying spray paint for your car?- Buying Guide

The importance and application of spray paints are vast. Some products not only have some features of protecting the car from bad weather conditions but can also prevent rust and damage from UV. IT can extend the life of your car and rejuvenate its appearance. However, for getting the best value out of the product some factors must be kept in mind.

Space for painting

The space in which you are going to paint your car is important since a spray means it is not going to specifically target your car’s body but the surrounding area as well. Hence if you are going for whole-body paintwork then using your garage as the paint space is not recommended.

This factor must be considered for any kind of paint and no brand of product can offer a complete guarantee that its paint will not spread outside the desired area. To prevent excess spray you can use nozzles. 

The pattern of application

The pattern in which you are intending to apply the paint is essential. Most of the time spray paints can provide an even coating if used properly, but if your want to add a design to the paintwork then consider using a hose or a nozzle attached to the spray that can help in applying the paint in a definite pattern. Products that come with a nozzle are preferable for this type of bodywork.

The Rust-Oleum 252462 Automotive Enamel Spray Paint offers the most uniform paintwork and looks great after finishing.

Need of primer

The need for primary varies from one spray paint to another, however, the use of primer can enhance the look of the finish. It helps in sealing the paintwork. Consider applying a primer before adding the topcoat. But one thing that must also be noted is that some products are not primer-friendly and can damage your car surface if used with a primer. 

The Krylon K05151207 ColorMaster Paint comes with a primer that adds a satin-like gloss to the car. It is not as shiny as glossy paint but looks good if you prefer a less glossy and more premium finish.

Factors of application

The guidelines that come along with these paints must be noted carefully. Some paints mention irritating due to the presence of some chemicals so be sure to put on protective clothing before applying them. Other types of paints mention the climatic conditions under which they serve the best colour. This must be considered and matched with the conditions in your area before buying.

The Rust-Oleum 252462 Automotive Enamel Spray Paint has a weather-resistant feature that makes it applicable under any kind of weather condition. It also does not contain any hazardous chemical that might cause skin problems, however, be careful to not let any paint get inside your mouth or nose and neither come in contact with your eyes.

Our Verdict

Considering the rising population of the world and the increasing number of car owners most of the time the reason is another car or bike that might have intentionally or non-intentionally rubbed against your beloved rise causing an unpleasant scratch on the spotless body of your car. 

In these instances, spray paint can save you. Simply paint your car it will cover for all the stress that would have been included during the process of recovering the look. It will even save you a lot of money. In another situation, the shine of a car is lost as it ages, spray paint can revive the shine and refurbish your ride.

We have tested and analyzed numerous car spray paints available in the market and have closed down on the 5 best spray paints among which the Rust-Oleum 252462 Automotive Enamel Spray Paint is the best spray paint for your car. We also recommend you to check How long Do Shocks last.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Which is the best spray paint for cars?

According to our analysis, the Rust-Oleum 252462 Automotive Enamel Spray Paint is the best quality spray paint for your car.

2. What is the most durable paint for cars?

URethane based paints last the longest and outlive most acrylic-based paints. However, these are meant for professional use only and can be quite pricey.

3. How much would it cost to fully paint a car?

If you are going to a car workshop for painting your car then it will cost around $400 to $500, but if you are thinking of DIY, then it will cost around $7 for each bottle and you might need 4-5 bottles which will stand at $30 to $35, however, the quality of work will be significantly inferior to that of a professional workshop.

4. What is the hardest color to paint on a car?

The hardest colour that is difficult to maintain is red or black because the dust and scratches can be easily identified on these paints.

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