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7 Best Spark Plugs For Hyundai Elantra

By producing the necessary spark for ignition, spark plugs play an important role in igniting the gasoline within a combustion chamber. However, this isn’t its only function: it also transports heat from the combustion chamber to the cooling system.

However, if your Hyundai Elantra has faulty spark plugs, now is the time to give your four-wheeler companion the greatest spark plug. Because you may be unaware of the subtleties of spark plugs or how to select the ideal one for your Hyundai Elantra, we examined and analyzed a selection of spark plugs for your Hyundai Elantra.

According to our analysis, the best spark plug is the DENSO #4503 PLATINUM T T Spark Plugs. This article will tell you about the several options available based on your preferences and budget, as well as what to look for when choosing a spark plug to restore the roar to your engines. We recently talked about best spark plugs for 5.7 hemi and in this post we’re going to mention the best part plugs for hyundai elantra.

So, without further ado, let’s get started on the list.

7 best spark plugs for Hyundai Elantra- Reviewed

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. DENSO #4503 PLATINUM T T Spark Plugs

  • Extremely good quality
  • Consistent in plug gaps
  • The installation is a bit hectic

Product details

  1. DENSO Unique Twin-Tip Structure
  2. 1.1mm platinum centre electrode
  3. 360 Laser welding

For a reasonable price, the set was of OEM or higher quality. Installation on the backside of the horizontally opposed V6 in the 2007 RAM 1500 3.7L engine was a little difficult, but not the most difficult task I’ve ever had to do. 

The engine started immediately up, and there were no obvious knocks or misses. But don’t forget to lubricate those coils with dielectric grease! If there is oil pooling around the spark plug, the spark tube seals are faulty. 

These, along with the valve cover gaskets, must be replaced. You should also replace the intake plenum gasket set. Denso spark plugs and sensors have always been used in my vehicles since they are extremely good quality and consistent in plug gaps. 

Aside from the anti-seizure function, it is essentially a plug-and-play spark plug. These spark plugs would be much better if they have anti-seize pre-applied. One thing to keep in mind is that all of the spark plugs arrived pre-gapped at 0.035. 

Looking at my engine compartment decal, I see that my engine requires a spacing of 0.040, which is strange because internet RAM states it should be 0.044. Now, 0.035 is probably good because they will expand slightly, but I gapped them to the spec from my engine compartment anyhow.

2. NGK LKR7DIX-11S Iridium IX Spark Plug

  • No gas leakage experienced yet
  • Minimal electrical drowsing effect
  • A bit expensive, but fine for its quality

Product details:

  1. 0.6-millimetre laser welded 
  2. fine Iridium tip
  3. Trivalent Metal Plating

It was time to change my spark plugs, and I had to drive through a lot of high water owing to heavy floods. After traveling through extremely high water, I would recommend changing the spark plugs. 

Severe high water puts a lot of strain on engine components. When I removed the old spark plugs, I observed a very noticeable charred ring. As a result, I knew they were overworked. NKG has long been a well-known car part manufacturer, therefore I chose these.

Changing spark plugs is simple for most people, and they may find it easier than they imagined. A comprehensive tune includes replacing spark plug/coils, spark plugs, engine compartment filter, fluids (oil and trans oil), radiator fluid if it appears discolored or deficient, and we recommend changing the fluid once a year.

So, certainly, I would recommend these NKG spark plugs. I paid about ten dollars for each spark plug and they were well worth it. You don’t want to buy cheap 1-2 dollar plugs like the ones I’ve seen in town at small parts stores.

They do not last as long and do not perform as well as a more expensive plug. I would recommend investing at least $6-15 each plug because they are better made and last longer.

3. Bosch Automotive 9619 Double Iridium Spark Plug

  • Perfect gapping
  • Can be used for many other models
  • The product is not insured

Product details:

  1. Double Iridium firing pin
  2. 0.6mm fine wire
  3. 360 Degree continuous laser weld

I can’t envision one kind of sparkplug being definitively better than another, or one car brand functioning more effectively than another. To be sure, copper, platinum, and iridium all have significant uses in technology, but the propensity to cause fowling, burn holes in cylinder heads, hesitancy, overheated plugs, or poor performance seems a little far-fetched to me. 

Unless you have a high-performance vehicle or strong hauling requirements, I don’t see these plugs failing you. If you have a high-performance vehicle, I’d expect you’d search elsewhere for information rather than my two cents and someone’s anecdotal proof.

I installed these in a ’07 Chrysler 300C, removed the original champion copper plugs with 45k on them, and everything seemed to work well except for the electrode being scorched down to.50 gaps. They were replaced solely on the basis of age and mileage. 

These new Bosch platinum plugs are pre-gapped at.44, but I re-gapped them to.42 on a blog tip, and they look to work great in the vehicle. Others who believe anything other than OEM is causing harm to their vehicle are mistaken, and they may have more problems with their vehicle than just a spark plug. 

The only reason I chose these plugs was to avoid having to change them as frequently. The manual recommends replacing OEM copper plugs every 32k miles, however, I increased it to 45k due to laziness and no discernible problems with the original plugs. 

Unlike previous cars, the plugs on the 300C were pretty straightforward to access and change, and I prefer the coil packs over spark plug wires, which I’ve always managed to damage and had to replace on previous vehicles. Coil packs appear to be Plug & Play.

4. NGK (9723) SILZKR7B11 Spark Plug

  • The iridium electrode adds to the longevity of the product
  • Quicker transfer of heat
  • Not compatible with other models

Product details:

  1. Single Quantity
  2. No Core Charge Req.
  3. Weight: 0.1lbs

The OEM design arrived brand new, pre-gapped, and ready to install in minutes. It works flawlessly. According to NGK, the threads contain a coating or plating that removes the requirement for anti-seize. 

The premise is that this coating prevents corrosion, which can damage the threads of the head when repairing the plugs, and also keeps you from overtightening.

I’m a bit old-school, and I’ve had to rebuild heads that had been damaged by the spark plug coming out with the threads. I’ve never had to fix one with anti-seize threads. You make your choice, but do yourself a favor and wait until the engine is cold.

As of 2022, NGK Laser Iridium plugs are the best I’ve ever used. After 60K miles, I replaced mine with new ones. The gap remained at the factory-set width. Obviously, I could have gone much further than 60K before having to replace them. Bosch makes a Double Iridium variant that is much better if it is manufactured in Germany rather than China.

5. Hyundai Elantra Touring Gt 2012 2013 I30 Spark Plug

  • The ceramic insulator gives excellent strength
  • Copper core gives increased conductivity
  • Will go without any damage for up to 35,000 miles.

Product details:

  1. White color
  2. 4 Pcs-1Set
  3. 16m/m size

I used the same Manufacturer’s coils on my wife’s 01 excursions and was quite pleased! Their quality and dependability are on par with OEM, and they have been in business for almost two years.

I bought these for a new ’06 F150 that needed some TLC. After installing them and resolving a minor electrical issue unrelated to the coils, the vehicle now runs on all 8 cylinders and drives like a champ.

After installing them, I saw a 40-50 percent increase in power. It was simple for me since I warmed up the engine first and then drenched the old plugs in WD-40 for five minutes before removing them. 

There wasn’t a single damaged plug, and they backed out easily. The only disadvantage is the possibility of misfiring if not placed properly. I had some issues before they were placed, but I’ve noticed improved overall performance in my truck since they were done.

6. Bosch Automotive 7431 Double Iridium OE Replacement Spark Plug

  • Iridium wire provides higher tensile strength
  • Compatible with Hyundai Elantra
  • The pre-gapping is not accurate
  • The installation process is quite hectic

Product details:

  1. Double Iridium firing pin
  2. 0.6mm fine wire
  3. 360 Degree continuous laser weld

With all the debate over whether to acquire the “S” or the less expensive non-“S” model, I decided to take a chance and get the less expensive one. There’s a lot of marketing for BMW parts, and I’m a cheapskate.

Aside from the difficult 4 hours, it took to change the two spark plugs closest to the passenger side, this set works flawlessly. The measurements appear to be the same as the original BMW bosch plugs. 

The packaging specifies a.032″ gap, but I measured.028″ on 5 of 6 plugs. The sixth plug measured.030″; I ended up correcting it to.028″. In comparison, all of my previous OEM plugs measured 034″ at 85, 000 miles.

I’ve just put 50 miles on the new plugs so far, but the hesitation from first to second gear is no longer present. I’ve also noticed a 1 mile/gal boost on my regular interstate commute, although this could be a one-time occurrence. As far as I can see, acceleration is unchanged.

7. Autolite XP5702-4PK Iridium XP Spark Plug

  • Easy installation and quick ignition
  • The Platinum coating enhances ignition efficiency
  • A bit on the expensive side

Product details:

  1. Iridium-enhanced 0.6mm finewire
  2. V-trimmed ground electrode
  3. Platinum protected ground wire

Perfect replacement spark plugs for a 16 Hyundai Elantra, installed without any issues, I felt a difference in my engine instantly after I installed these plugs, and I also enhanced my mileage, so I removed the NKG and installed the Autolite. 

These spark plugs have an iridium-enhanced center electrode and a nickel-plated shell, which are intended to give superior longevity and a more focused ignition for improved overall ignitability and performance.

So far, everything is going swimmingly. After 105,000 miles, I replaced my plugs. I’ve seen increased power and somewhat improved gas mileage. It’s surprisingly simple to change and gap spark plugs on your own. 

After watching four YouTube videos, it took me exactly 10 minutes to accomplish the operation. Despite the fact that they are meant to be pre-gapped, I measured the gaps. At 0.044, they were dead on. I double-checked to ensure they were the proper gap size for my 2016 Hyundai Elantra. It’s working perfectly, and my automobile is practically as good as new.

What factors should you consider while purchasing a spark plug?- Buying Guide

Spark plug type

There are three types of metal bodies used in spark plugs.

Spark plug made of copper

A copper spark plug is constructed of copper and is heat and temperature resistant. They are also less expensive than their competitors. Hyundai Elantra Touring Gt 2012 2013 I30 Spark Plug is the greatest copper spark plug.

Spark plugs made of iridium

Another type is iridium spark plugs. They are the most popular and chosen by consumers because of their greater ignition quality and higher performance at a cheap price. The best iridium spark plugs are Bosch Automotive 9619 Double Iridium Spark Plug.

Spark plugs made of platinum

Platinum spark plugs are extremely efficient in terms of performance, heat resistance, and ignition quality; yet, their expensive pricing makes them less appealing. By far the best platinum spark plug is the Fram Autolite AP5263 Platinum Spark Plug.

Product Dimensions

Spark plugs are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 10mm to approximately 18mm. However, 13-16mm spark plugs are ideal for a Hyundai Elantra. The DENSO #4503 PLATINUM T T Spark Plugs is the greatest fit for a Hyundai Elantra in terms of size.

Size of the gap

Spark plugs are available for a variety of vehicles, including diesel and gasoline engines. So, while not every spark plug is intended for every engine, it is recommended that if you are looking for one that is not specifically indicated for its kind, you avoid pre-gapped factory versions. You can fill in the gaps as you see fit.

In general, a Gap of 0.40 inches is ideal for a Hyundai Elantra, and according to our analysis, the NGK LKR7DIX-11S Iridium IX Spark Plug is the correct size for it.

Our Verdict

The performance of spark plugs has a considerable impact on engine performance. So, under any circumstances, you should not reconsider using a spark plug or your decision.

To give you the best and most effective spark plug on the market, we examined and tested different spark plug types on various cars, and our investigation revealed that the DENSO #4503 PLATINUM T T Spark Plugs performed the best overall for my Hyundai Elantra.

Frequently Asked Question

The iridium spark plug is the most efficient in terms of melting point and ignition performance; nevertheless, the efficiency may diminish over time, and you may wish to replace them.

The most likely service life of any ordinary iridium or platinum spark plug is around 100,000 miles.

A spark plug has a maximum lifespan of 100,000 miles, but it is advised that it be replaced after 50,000 miles for convenience and optimal performance.

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