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6 Best Spark Plugs For 4.7 Dodge Ram – Reviewed + Buying Guide

By creating the spark required for ignition, spark plugs play an important role in the ignition process in the combustion chamber. However, this isn’t its only function: it also transports heat generated from the combustion of gasoline to the cooling system to maintain the temperature of the engine.

Nevertheless, if your 4.7 dodge ram has faulty spark plugs, now is the time to give your four-wheeler companion the greatest spark plug. As you might be unaware of the subtleties of spark plugs as well as how to pick the ideal one for your 4.7 dodge ram, we examined and analyzed a selection of spark plugs for your 4.7 dodge ram.

According to our analysis, the best spark plug is the Champion Copper Plus 439 Spark Plug. This article will tell you about the several alternatives open depending on your taste and how much you can spend for buying the products, and also what to consider when buying a spark plug to ensure the proper functioning of your engine.

So, without further ado, let’s get started on the list.

6 Best Spark Plugs For 4.7 Dodge Ram- Reviewed

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. Champion Copper Plus 439 Spark Plug

  • The pre-gapped feature is acceptable, unlike most other spark plugs.
  • It gives a boost to the mileage of the engine
  • The pack only contains one spark plug

Product details:

  1. Brand: Champion
  2. Core Material: Copper
  3. Top Material Type: Metal

These were well-packaged and came in their original manufacturing boxes. In a second-generation Durango with a 4.7-litre V8, I replaced the spark plugs. I double-checked them all before installation. 

While they do come pre-gapped, a handful of mine did not meet specifications. So, do yourself a favor and keep a gapper on hand to adjust them as needed. In terms of installation, my preferred method includes dielectric grease and copper-based anti-seize lubrication.

 I simply use a small bit of anti-seize on a few of the plugs’ center threads. This makes them easier to remove when the time comes. I also apply some dielectric grease to the coil packs surrounding the o-ring to guarantee a good seal.

She started immediately away and sounded great after I put all eight of them. There were no misfires. I’m pleased with my buy. Champion appears to be the industry standard for copper plugs. 

I never trust pre-gapped plugs, but after careful inspection, all of these had an average gap of 0.042. None of them was out of the ordinary. After a few hundred miles, everything is running nicely and without issues. Gas mileage increased by 1 or 2 mpg.

2. NGK 7100 G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs

  • Long-lasting durability due to the platinum body
  • Product quality is great
  • Each piece comes at $7, which is a bit expensive.

Product details:

  1. Brand: NGK
  2. Contains 4 pieces
  3. Weight: 7 ounces

Daily driver 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L with 204 miles. I conducted a transmission flush, filter change, and spark plug replacement, and I now get 18.5mpg or better driving interstate and in some stop-and-go traffic in the mornings while getting my kids to school and running errands. 

That’s a lot better than the 17.5mpg you’d get if you only drove on the freeway. I’m pleased with how these spark plugs and transmission flush improved my ancient truck. After 4 months I am still getting 18+ mpg on the highway. 239,000 miles and counting. 

About town, stop and go mileage remains around 17mpg. Came pre-gapped at 0.035, I reset to .040 which is what my 2000 dodge 3500 maxi van calls for. I also changed to NGK plug wires. They are numbered which made it much easier. 

High-quality product with a great value for the price, however, compared to other products the pack contains only 4 pieces but the price is above $30, which means each piece is almost $7 which is a bit expensive.

3. NGK V-Power Spark Plugs compatible with Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L V8 2002-2007

  • The pack contains 8 pieces
  • Fits perfectly and can be gapped conveniently
  • Although the pack contains 8 pieces it is still quite expensive

Product details:

  1. Brand: NGK
  2. Core Material: Copper
  3. Top Material Type: Metal, Ceramic

Installed on a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 truck with stock plugs. What a difference a new set of plugs and coils can make. This is an excellent set of spark plugs that adds performance, boosts the engine and even reduces the number of emissions produced by the combustion system. 

The ceramic coating on the product protects it from corrosion and the copper is quite reliable in terms of durability. I have been using these plugs for 3 months now and I haven’t noticed any fault in the system. 

Since I have installed these I have also experienced fewer instances of misfires which enable an easy and convenient start to the engine. It perfectly fits in my Dodge ram. I have previously used NGK products and have found that the brand is quite reliable and does not disappoint in terms of quality and performance. 

The pack comes with 8 pieces so it is necessary to buy two packs as a Dodge ram requires 16 spark plugs in total.

4. Denso Platinum TT Spark Plugs Stock 4503

  • Platinum material is sturdy and long-lasting
  • Works for every version of Dodge ram after 2004
  • Quite expensive

Product details:

  1. Brand: Denso
  2. Core Material: Platinum
  3. Vehicle Service: Type Car

These were purchased to replace the original coils on both a Dodge Ram and a Chevrolet. I used a small amount of anti-seize and it fit well. I’ve been running for a month with no problems. It was installed in my truck along with a 5.9 V8. 

The engine starts quickly, has a smooth idle, and runs well. I’m pleased with this transaction because the plugs were all gapped at 40 and neatly wrapped. You can’t beat it at this price, and it meets all of the manufacturer’s criteria. 

I purchased this for my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L V8. It works excellent on my truck and makes a noticeable difference in performance. Significant improvement in engine performance.

The old NGK plugs had 60K on them and had begun to exhibit signs of wear and tear, necessitating the purchase of new ones. After reading the testimonials on numerous websites, I decided to give these a shot. 

I’m glad I made the proper decision. The only disadvantage is the price, which is pretty high when compared to the top product on our list. The platinum substance, on the other hand, is well worth the price.

5. Bosch Automotive 9664 Double Iridium OE Replacement Spark Plug

  • The pre-gapped variant is quite a good fit
  • Compatible for Chevy as well as a Dodge just needs a bit of adjustment for fitting perfectly into a dodge ram.
  • The installation guide is not there so have to do it yourself which is quite tricky

Product details:

  1. Double Iridium firing pin
  2. 0.6mm fine wire firing pin
  3. 360 Degree continuous laser weld

Fitted to a 2004 Dodge Ram. The gas mileage has increased by 2 mpg. A 0.040-inch spark plug socket is required for a 2004 Dodge Ram. The skirting around the top of the hood stops you from removing the old plugs with a single long extension. 

Instead, I had to use two little extensions, attaching the spark plug socket to one, then adding another when the spark plug socket and the first small extension were down in the cylinder. Because of the skirting around the hood and the need for several minor extensions, you can’t just replace the plugs with the plug socket. 

Before the plug socket comes loose, the extensions will split in the cylinder. Instead, reinstall the new spark plugs with a piece of flexible tubing from a hardware store. When held vertically, the tubing should enable the white section of the plug to go up into the tube but not allow the plug to fall out. 

You don’t want to just drop the new plugs into the cylinders since an impact with the bottom of the cylinder can cause the spark gap to shift.

6. Champion Copper Plus 71 Spark Plug

  • Recommended plug for most engines
  • Sturdy, well built and affordable
  • Lifespan is short

Product details:

  1. Brand: Champion
  2. Core Material: Copper
  3. Top Material Type: Metal

This is a popular plug for many small engines; however, make certain that you use the correct plug for your engine. I’m not sure what else to say about a spark plug in terms of review- it sparks when requested to. It arrived in perfect condition. 

As a long-time gearhead, my advice is to stay with recognized brand plugs. There are various unusual plugs on the market, but in a tiny engine, unique plugs are usually ineffective. This is also true for many automobiles, however, the results vary greatly in larger engines. 

Keep it simple, as the good old Champion 12YC plug has been around for a long time and is the plug that many engines come with out of the box. This plug is perfect for dodge motors. It’s a simple, well-made plug. 

If you run anything more than a copper plug in a non-fuel injected engine, you might do a grave mistake; they foul rapidly and shorten longevity. As a result, this is my go-to generator. Purchase a handful and store them in the garage for maintenance purposes. Make sure to gap them properly before installation.

What factors should you consider when shopping for a spark plug? – Buying Guide

Material of the product

Three types of metal bodies are used in spark plugs.

Spark plug made of copper

A copper spark plug is constructed of copper and is heat and temperature resistant. They’re also less expensive than their competitors. Champion Copper Plus 439 Spark Plug is the best copper spark plug for your Dodge V8.

Spark plugs made of iridium

Another type is iridium spark plugs. Because of their greater ignition quality and higher performance at a low cost, they are the most popular and desired by consumers. The best iridium spark plug is the Bosch Automotive 9664 Double Iridium OE Replacement Spark Plug.

Spark plugs with platinum plating

Platinum spark plugs are extremely efficient in terms of performance, heat resistance, and ignition quality; yet, their high price makes them undesirable. By far the best platinum spark plug is the NGK 7100 G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs.

The Product Dimensions

Spark plugs are available in a range of diameters ranging from 10mm to approximately 18mm. In contrast,  14 mm spark plugs are ideal for a 4.7 Dodge Ram and V6 and V8 versions. The Bosch Automotive 9664 Double Iridium OE Replacement Spark Plug is the ideal fit for a 4.7 Dodge Ram in terms of size.

Gap size

There are spark plugs available for a variety of automobiles, including diesel and gasoline engines. While not every spark plug is suitable for every engine, it is recommended that you avoid factory pre-gapped ones if you are looking for one that is not specifically mentioned for its type. You may set in the gaps as you see fit.

A Gap of 0.40 inches is ideal for a 4.7 Dodge Ram, and the Champion Copper Plus 439 Spark Plug is the correct size for it, as per our analysis.

Our Verdict

The performance of spark plugs has a large impact on engine performance. As a result, you should never second-guess using a spark plug or your judgment.

We investigated and tested numerous spark plug types on various vehicles to provide you with the best and most effective spark plug on the market, and our investigation revealed that the Champion Copper Plus 439 Spark Plugs performed the best overall for my 4.7 Dodge Ram. We have also talked about Chevy Cruze 1.4 Turbo Spark plugs, Hyundai Elantra spark plugs, 5.7 HEMI spark plugs. So make sure to check them out.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How many spark plugs does a 4.7 Dodge Ram have?

A Dodge Ram requires 16 spark plugs with either side having a set of 8 spark plugs.

2. What brand of spark plugs goes best for a Ram?

While these trucks come with Champion Copper Plus 71 Spark Plug which is quite durable and convenient, you would like to have the Champion Copper Plus 439 Spark Plugs as they have the best performance and quality.

3. How many spark plugs does 2008 4.7 Dodge Ram have?

Every version of Dodge ram requires a set of 16 spark plugs.

4. How often should you change the spark plugs in a Dodge Ram?

Some spark plugs like the Champion Copper Plus 439 Spark Plugs can even go for 100k, however, you should change spark plugs after your engine has gained 30k. This is to ensure quality as well as the best performance from the plugs.

5. What is a tune-up?

Tune-up is a term used by mechanics to refer to servicing processing of a car. It consists of testing every system that is associated with the performance of the engine and affects the combustion process.

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