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8 Best Spark Plug Wires For Chevy 350 With Headers- Reviewed + Buying Guide

For increasing the performance of the engine of your car, spark plugs and spark wires are critical. If these are not assembled appropriately the engine will not function properly. Further, you’ll notice a significant drop in performance.

Along with enhancing the performance of your engine, the wires also increase the mileage of the car for your Chevy 350. An even bigger benefit is that it reduces the interference in the radio frequency.

These features make spark plug wiring an essential component for the headers of your Chevy 350. Hence, you must carefully buy these parts else you might face serious performance issues with your car.

To make things easier for you, we investigated and analyzed a variety of spark plug wires for your Chevy 350 because you may be unfamiliar with the nuances of spark plug wires or how to select the best one for your Chevy 350.

The best exhaust, according to our research, is the JDMSPEED New 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire. This article will teach you about the many options available based on your preferences and budget, as well as what to look for when selecting spark plug wires to bring shine to your engines.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with the list.

8 Best Spark Plug Wires For Chevy 350 With Headers- Reviewed

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. JDMSPEED New 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire

  • The wires are thick and sturdy
  • The design looks amazing
  • The distributor cap boot is too long

Product details:

  1. Material: Copper
  2. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 10.24 x 2.56 x 7.68 inches
  3. Item Weight: 1.14 Kilograms

I like how these have a large meaty aspect to them. I also purchased heat shields to keep them off the block, and they fit well. On each spark, nice strong audible snaps were heard. Simple installation on my 1984 K5 Blazer with a 350. 

You’ll never have to worry about wires crossing again because these babies are hefty and properly insulated.

These wires are at least double the thickness of standard wires. On a black engine, the bright red with white lettering looks fantastic. The performance, appearance, and quality are all excellent. The coil wire for older points distributors was also included. 

A disadvantage is that they are too large to be used with a snap-on timing light inductive timing light clamp. Another issue is that the distributor cap boot is too long, so if your cap has short stems, you may need to trim it by a quarter inch.

2. Anxingo 10.5 MM High-Performance Spark Plug Wire Set

  • The spark plug wires fit perfectly
  • Appears to be sturdy and heavy durable
  • coil wire that is included is too long

Product details:

  1. 10.5mm High-Performance Racing Spark Plug
  2. Universal Set For SBC & BBC Chevrolet Engines
  3. Electronic Ignition HEI Plug Wires

The spark plug wires fit perfectly in my 1979 Chevy 350. They were completely finished and fit well. I would recommend these for the price. I’ve been running them for about a month (500 miles) with no problems. 

I did add boot coverings because there have been a few cases of wires melting against the exhaust. My only complaint is that the coil wire is simply another basic plug wire. It’s neither too short nor too long. 

If you have a coil that is more than a few inches away from the distributor, this is a plus. The coil wire was around 12″ long. It’s not a big thing, but it is quite annoying. 

These appear to be sturdy and heavy durable, and they were long enough to wire my automobile. On the distro end, I’ll need to remove a half-inch of the boot. The only concern is that the coil wire that is included in the set is too long.

3. MSD 35599 Red 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Red Plug Wire Set

  • Easy to install
  • Smoother idle curve
  • The coil wire is short by 6”

Product details:

  1. Copper alloy conductor
  2. Ferro-magnetic impregnated core
  3. Stainless steel terminals

The truck had a set of Taylor brand wires. I race in a dirt late model. The Autolite 303 plugs are what we use on our small block Chevy.

We’d take the car out to pack the track and do some hot laps. It would run great for a while and then begin to run horribly. This issue has caused me to be pulled from the track three times this season.

The problem was that our plug wires were fraying. The rubber boot on the Taylor wires was excessively tight. This, along with the vibrations of our Late Model’s engine as it slid around the turns at nearly 70mph, would cause the boots to back off. 

I put them on my Chevy 350. The idle curve was significantly smoother with these plugs. The identifying clips provided for each cable were a nice addition to assist identify which cylinder the wires were attached to.

I got these MSD Superconductors and have had no problems with them since. I would strongly recommend these cables to anyone who has a high-performance setup. They also include several plastic numbered rigs and an installation tool for individually numbering each wire! It saves both time and stress. 

4. Vkinman High Performance 10.2MM Spark Plug Ignition Wire

  • Design is astounding
  • Heat shields are a great addition
  • The ends do not line up properly

Product details:

  1. 10.2mm Spiral Wound Design.
  2. UltraLow Resistance KEVLAR Core. 
  3. RFI Suppression

At roughly 135k, one of the original ignition wires on my 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 failed under severe load. The one that failed was on the passenger side of the engine in the very back. This wire is very close to the exhaust and does not have much space around it, which likely led to its disintegration. 

The new cables are slightly lower and end up in the very centre of this small region, which I believe will help them last longer and avoid being burned. I’ve had the replacement ignition wire installed for around 10 thousand miles with no problems. It is an excellent product.

Product design, price, and color are all excellent. I appreciate the heat shields for the exhaust manifolds. It occasionally seems to hesitate or miss, but I’ve also installed new plugs and a cold air intake.

The only drawback is that the ends were not lined up properly to fit; most were 180° out, putting the wire in a bind that presses upon the headers.

5. JDMSPEED High Performance Spark Plug Ignition Wire For 2000-2009 CHEVY

  • The price is affordable and legit
  • Quality is excellent
  • They don’t click properly to the spark plugs and requires a bit of pressure for connecting

Product details:

  1. 10.2mm Spiral Wound Design
  2. UltraLow Resistance KEVLAR Core
  3. High-Temperature Silicone Boots

My 2019 ZL1 1LE OEM plug wires were ripped when I R&R’d a new set of plugs into the car. I wasn’t aware of the problem at the time, but after a few test pulls, the car began to set a code for random cylinder misfire. 

My intention was to replace these with new OEM wires when I obtained a pair, but Amazon Prime made it easy to get these wires in less than 24 hours and it is the weekend, so I decided I’d give them a shot. 

The build quality is excellent; they only click on the coils once rather than twice, so it took a few tries and tests to be satisfied that I was attaching them correctly. My first start-up and idling revealed that there was most likely defective wiring on my automobile from the manufacturer. 

The idle shimmy that the car experienced after just one track day remained with the new plugs, but was eliminated with these wires. I took the car out for a few test drives and discovered that it was operating perfectly and that the misfire had vanished. 

You know, I simply assumed for the price that these were junk and that I’d have to send them back or use them till the OEMs came in and tossed them, but I don’t feel that way anymore, and at more than half the price, these cables are a big value.

6. JDMSPEED New HEI Distributor With Spark Plug Wires Ignition Combo Kit

  • Excellent fit and finish
  • Leaves greater space to the exhaust
  • No proper instruction manual was provided

Product details:

  1. 10.5mm
  2. 4-pin ignition module
  3. Electronic Ignition HEI Plug Wires

The driving gears on all 350s are not the same. This isn’t widely known. The male oval oil pump intermediate shaft is driven by an oval female slot in my 1972 C50. Because my original drive gear was in good shape, it was a simple swap. 

The original drive gears do not appear to be available. To suit this distributor flat blade distributor drive, a new oil pump and intermediate split fork shaft can be installed. This necessitates removing the oil pan and replacing it with new parts. 

It’s not as simple as changing the driving gears. Excellent fit and finish. I was impressed since I had to precisely measure components to ensure that I could interchange drive gears. Wires were also impressive, providing much greater space to the exhaust manifold. 

The truck’s starting and running performance much exceeded expectations. Shipping took a little longer than projected but was completed within the time frame mentioned.

7. JDMSPEED New High Heat Spark Plug Ignition Wires Set

  • Decent price
  • The wires are of perfect sizing
  • Not very durable

Product details:

  1. 10.5mm Spiral Wound Design
  2. Ultra-High Strength
  3. High Temp. Silicone Boots

With headers, these 45-degree boots are a requirement. The 10.5mm wire is an added plus. Get the heat shields with them! They don’t touch, but they will certainly dress up and provide additional heat protection. 

Don’t forget to get an Oil Tube with Stick; the OEM will not work with headers. It’s known as a Retrofit Oil Pan Tube Kit. Use dielectric grease on the BOOTS to make it simpler to slip and secure them to the Spark Plugs. 

These are half the price and function just as well. In terms of packing, they arrive in a sealed plastic bag inside a cardboard box. I quickly tried these for resistance and was blown away. 

Prior to returning to a car mechanic, one of my mechanic pals worked as an electrical engineer on aircraft. Before I put my wires on, he tested them. He was taken aback. A good product, a decent price, and a good vendor. I jumped into my Chevy 350.

8. ACDelco Professional 9748RR Spark Plug Wire Set

  • High-quality silicone body
  • Fits perfectly to Chevy 350
  • The plug cannot be uninstalled for repair without damaging the wires

Product details:

  1. Material: Silicone
  2. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3.8 x 10 x 6 inches
  3. Item Weight: 1.25 Pounds

These are high-quality OEM plug wires. They do, however, have a significant decrease. You cannot remove them once they have been installed. The metal connectors will most likely come right out of the boot. 

I’m very aware of this, and I take my time and twist around to ensure it’s broken free of the plug and all that, but in the case of these cables, there’s no getting past it. So, if you want to replace your plug wires with OEM, these are the ones to get. 

However, you must be aware that once installed, they cannot be removed from the plug. Even if you have a defective coil pack, later on, you only need to remove the top section of the coil. There will be no need to unplug it. 

In the case of a coil failure in the future, you’ll be alright. However, if you ever need to remove it from the spark plug, for example, to do a compression test, replace the plugs, or even to check the plugs for whatever reason to see how your fuel mixture has been recent, you’re out of luck. You’re going to destroy the plug wire.

What to consider while buying spark plug wires?- Buying Guide

Before installing a spark plug, it is important to understand certain factors that determine the performance of your wires.

Type of engine of your vehicle

This is the most important factor among all since without knowing the type of engine you will never be able to buy a set of wires that is compatible with your vehicle. 

In case you don’t have any idea about this it is better to consult the manufacturer and know the specification of your engine. It is only then you will be able to find the best spark plug wires for your Chevy.

According to our analysis of spark plug wires that are available in the market, JDMSPEED New 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire is the perfect and most compatible wire set for a Chevy 350.


Different spark plug wires come withs with different sizes and the one that will suit you is based on two factors: the type of engine and the size of the spark plugs. Along with this is also the length of the spark plugs.

According to our analysis, the most suitable wire length for a Chevy 350 is 10.5 mm and the gapping will depend on your spark plug. 

If we go by these specifications of a spark plug meant for Chevy 350 engine with a length of 10.5 mm then the JDMSPEED New 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire is undoubtedly the best fitting type for your car.

Body material

Spark plug wires just like spark plugs are made of different materials. These include silver, copper, platinum and iridium. Among these copper and iridium are the most widely used.

However, iridium is comparatively quite expensive and compared to copper it does not have any advantages as such so we recommend you go for platinum wires.

As per our testing the MSD 35599 Red 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Red Plug Wire Set is the most well-built set with a copper alloy body that resists heat as well as has a sturdy long-lasting quality.

Our Verdict

A spark plug plays an important for the proper ignition of your engine. Without a wire, it is impossible to make a car roar. Along with the ignition the spark plug wires if attached properly to the spark plug will give a serious boost to the performance of your engine.

There is a lot of tassels in the market as to which spark plug wire sets are the best and to save from the chaos we have tested and verified that the products offered by JDMSPEED are the best and among its products JDMSPEED New 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire is of exceptional quality. We also talked about the best carburetor for chevy 350. So have a look at them too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to tell which spark plug wire goes where?

To easily install plug wires to the appropriate cylinder, refer to the firing order of the manual guide. Numbering the cylinders as per the guide will help connect the wires efficiently.

2. How to put spark plug boot on the wire?

It is quite easy to put a spark plug on the wire. The steps will be as follows:

  • Spray the boot
  • Push the clip using a needle nose into the boot and also push the wire using your hand at the same time.

3. How to fix broken spark plug wire?

Soldering a wire can fix a broken spark plug wire. If it is done efficiently then it will give the best mechanical as well as electrical performance.

4. How to test a spark plug wire?

To determine whether your spark plug wires are in good conditions always monitor for identifying any kind of discolouration, corrosion or cut and also check whether the clips are holding onto the plug firmly.

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