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9 Best Spark Plug For F150 EcoBoost – Reviewed + Buying Guide

A car’s engine has several vital components. One of them is the spark plugs. Don’t fall for its size as it might be one of the smallest components required in the entire car, however, it ensures that your car doesn’t break down in the middle of the road and runs smoothly throughout the journey. 

It provides ignition by generating electricity via the gaps. This combustion helps in the ignition of the car’s engine which in turn helps give the car a smooth start. The material of Spark plugs is meant to withstand high heat and prevent any kind of fuel deposition. 

The performance of the car, as well as the fuel economy of the engine, is improved greatly due to the spark plugs, thus, this makes it necessary to ensure the condition of spark plugs. However, it is also important to get the best spark plugs to experience the best performance of your car.

Some of you might not be familiar with how to analyse these technicalities in a spark plug. So, we have taken up the responsibility of researching and reviewing numerous spark plugs and providing you with this list of best spark plugs for f150 Ecoboost.

After a close analysis of multiple spark plugs available in the market we have concluded on the 9 best spark plugs for f150 Ecoboost, and to make things even easier we have closed on to Motorcraft SP-432 Spark Plug as the champion among the champions. Recently we talked about Hyundai Elantra spark plugs, chevy Cruze 1.5 turbo spark plugs and in this post, we’ll talk about the best Spark plugs for F150 EcoBoost.

To learn more about these spark plugs let’s dive into this reviewed list.

9 best spark plugs for f150 EcoBoost- Reviewed

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. Motorcraft SP-432 Spark Plug

  • A great boost to the performance of the engine
  • Reliable brand
  • The product comes with pre-gapped

Product details:

  1. Center Electrode Core Material: Copper
  2. Center Electrode Tip Material: Finewire Platinum
  3. Drive Size: 5/8 in

On my 1997 4.6L Ford F-150, I had a misfire on the #5 plug. Because this set of plugs had roughly 80K miles on them, I chose to replace them all, including the spark plug wires. I discovered a couple of videos on U-Tube that described what I needed to remove to get all of the plugs out. 

The driver’s side was rather simple, but the passenger’s side was more difficult due to the plug angle pointing towards the firewall. In case I need to remove the plugs again, I treated the threads with anti-seize grease.

All of these plugs were properly gapped and placed with no issues. When I started the truck, the check engine light went out. With the new plugs, I can notice a change in power and performance. Excellent plugs at a fair price. 

For my Ford automobiles, I wouldn’t use any other brand. I picked up an old truck that was running, installed six new plugs, and it’s operating much better now. My only criticism is that the gap should be double-checked before installation. 

This should be a common procedure for any plug, independent of the manufacturer, but my plugs arrived with gaps all over the place. I have to make changes to each one. Regardless of the manufacturer’s assertion, never assume the plug is properly gapped.

2. Bosch Automotive 9616 Double Iridium OE Replacement Spark Plug

  • Durable material
  • The gaps were correctly done
  • The quality might not be consistent.

Product details:

  1. 0.6mm fine wire firing pin
  2. 360 Degree continuous laser weld
  3. Double Iridium firing pin

I just changed the spark plugs in my wife’s automobile. Because one of the old plugs had failed, I decided to replace them all at once. Worked flawlessly, with all cylinders firing perfectly. I’m hoping these will last a long time. 

At 52k miles, one of the OEM Motorcraft Iridium plugs failed. I received 6 individual boxes of 9616 that were severely shattered, but the necessary gaps were kept and there were no visible cracks, so I began installation, which went fine for 5/6. 

The sixth plug appeared to be normal at first glance, but it was in a completely different format, with a washer instead of a taper and a smaller diameter thread. I assume Bosch quality, but the stock number does not appear on the plug, therefore there is no way to check the installation of the proper plug other than the tab on the box, and there is no cross-reference to the numbers on the plug.

3. Motorcraft SP-479 Spark Plug

  • Installation was quite easy
  • Affordable price
  • The products are not too sturdy

Product details:

  1. High melting point
  2. Maintain optimum engine performance
  3. Provide service intervals from 60, 000 to 100, 000 miles

No trouble bolted into a 5.4L V8 2V motor. Gaps are pre-gaped to 0.33 inches. I only installed it a few days ago, so I can’t speak about its lifespan. It was simple to install and looked exactly like the old plugs. 

Just a quick remark about Ford’s 4.6L and 5.4L engines, Motorcraft plugs outperform any other brand. The motor is intended to use these raters rather than aftermarket brands. The engine operates smoothly, with no miss fires or sluggish acceleration. 

At the same time, I replaced the coils. I acquired them on amazon since the price was lower than at any other auto parts store. The packing was a little bad, with a few of the plug boxes broken but nothing cracked.

For the installation part, I removed the coils and blew out the plug wells before adding a PB blaster and loosening the plug 1⁄4 turn. I then blew out the plug wells and removed the plugs. The gear wrench socket was well worth the money.

I’m not sure how the back plug removal and installation would be possible without it. Take your time, because the plugs will be stiff or tight. Thread by hand and tighten using a torque wrench. A camping mattress pad was useful for draping over the engine while you slept across it.

4. Motorcraft Spark Plug, SP-534/SP-580

  • Installation is pretty easy
  • Instant boost to the mileage
  • The pre-gapping is not appropriate

Product details:

  1. Dimensions: ‎3.8 x 4.2 x 1.1 inches
  2. Chrome exterior
  3. Made in China

The plugs in my 2014 Ford F-150 Ecoboost were a perfect fit. When I noticed my truck idling rough at roughly 60K miles, I replaced them. Even after inserting new spark plugs, the truck still vibrates a lot while idle. 

However, even if the spark plugs were not the problem, I wanted to replace them because these Ecoboost engines are notorious for destroying spark plugs, as evidenced by the image below. I immediately noticed greater horsepower and around 2 miles per gallon. 

Now I can relax off the gas and get better starts without having to rely on the accelerator as frequently. Changing the spark plugs on an F150 necessitates the use of the proper socket and adapters to remove the back ones.

Use a clear hose just tight enough to retain the spark plugs, then drop it into the cylinder and begin threading; it works like a charm. Check that the gap is properly configured. That is what I discovered a gap of 0.32 was suggested for my truck model. I also applied anti-seize on all of the plugs.

5. NGK 6509 Iridium IX Spark Plug

  • Not very cheap but neither too expensive
  • Durable quality
  • Does not add significant performance

Product details:

  1. Brand: NGK
  2. Core Material: Iridium
  3. Top Material Type; Metal

They have roughly 5,000 miles on them and have been trouble-free thus far. After the engine began stuttering excessively on steeper inclines around our house, I replaced the stock platinum plugs with these. 

It’s clear right away that the car is considerably happier with them than it was before. They didn’t seem to improve gas mileage, which I hoped they would, but running better is undoubtedly better for the engine’s longevity. 

They arrived gapped to around.042 ish. My 2014 F150 Ecoboost was adjusted to.032 and now runs like new. The old plugs were to be expected. 045 and only took a short detour. I’ve put 500 miles on the new plugs and they’re fantastic.

In comparison, if you wish to go for a more expensive product, these spark plugs are rated from 80000 to 100000 km. The same, but more expensive, Laser Iridium LTR6B19 plugs feature an extra platinum lower electrode to increase the maximum mileage to 160000 km.

6. Denso (4719) ITV20TT Iridium TT Spark Plug

  • Increases the fuel economy a lot
  • Enhances the pick up of the car as well
  • Like most other products, the pre-gapping is not preferable

Product details:

  1. 0.4mm Iridium Center Electrode
  2. 0.7mm Platinum Ground Electrode
  3. Thread Size – 14mm

An excellent advertisement for a Ford or any other vehicle! With the double tip, this is a superb design that will last for over 100,000 kilometres. My automobile has more power than standard and gets better gas mileage. Better pick-up and  3 mpg higher fuel economy. 

They appeal to me. My car has 94k miles on it, and this is my third set of plugs. The pulstar plugs did not appeal to me. Always gap to your car’s specifications, but do so with caution. I conducted some research and decided to try these Denso plugs. 

I recently fit these and drove 200 miles. Idle calmed down and I got the best mileage (33.1) I’ve ever gotten. The cost is reasonable. Everything exceeded my expectations, and the merchandise arrived quickly and in fantastic condition. 

My friend has a Mazda, and this fits well. I only attempted it for the sake of doing some extra research. These outperform many other spark plugs and can be compared to Motorcraft goods in terms of performance.

7. NGK 7316 TR55-1IX Iridium IX Spark Plug

  • Durable quality
  • Reasonable price
  • The quality might not be consistent for every piece.

Product details:

  1. Core Material: Iridium
  2. Thread Size: 14 millimetres
  3. Top Material Type: Metal

Excellent plugs for my Ford F150 Ecoboost with the 5.4L V8 2V engine. I had previously installed the AC Delco double platinum plugs, which were now missing and causing the engine to run rough, even though the plugs had less than 1,000 miles on them. 

Immediately after switching to the NGK, the engine ran smoother and more responsive across all rpm ranges, and the misfiring disappeared altogether. My friend remarked he’d never seen a V8 2V motor idle so smoothly. 

The price was reasonable, and they arrived on schedule. I put them in around two months ago. My engine began to run poorly last week, and the check engine light illuminated. So I ran the code, which revealed a misfire in one of the engine’s cylinders.

I investigated all possible causes and discovered that the number seven cylinder sparkplug had failed. This surprised me, so I bought a new plug from the local auto parts store and inserted it; the engine now runs normally. This puts a question on the consistency of the quality of the product.

8. ACDelco GM Original Equipment 41-988 Iridium Spark Plug

  • Increases the performance quite well
  • Can go for over 50k miles
  • For the price of 1 piece, the package is quite expensive

Product details:

  1. Brand: ACDelco
  2. Core Material: Iridium
  3. One-piece ceramic insulator

I performed them at the same time as I did my camshaft solenoids for my car, and they worked perfectly. They’d been pre-gaped and were ready to go. I just put a little quantity of anti-seize to the threads, some dielectric to the plug boot, and torqued to specification before calling it a day.

Just make sure not to over-torque. You should be fine, especially if you use anti-seize. If you have the f150, don’t experiment with cooler or different size plugs. That might or might not work.  

These will always work if gapped correctly. These are the ones you’ll require. Can easily last for a hundred thousand kilometres. The only drawback that I experienced was that although the spark plugs were pre-gapped only one out of the other orders came with a correct gapping. 

Again it necessities the fact that always check the gap of these products as a wrong gap can degrade the performance of your engine a lot.

9. E3.62 Automotive Spark Plug

  • Combined with other appropriate accessories gives a proper boost to the engine
  • A quite affordable price range
  • The durability of the product is not very impressive

Product details:

  1. Thread Size: 14mm
  2. Top Material Type: Alloy Steel
  3. Vehicle Service Type: Van

This is the third set of these I’ve installed in my car. This set was installed in a 5.4L V8 2V engine. There has been a noticeable improvement in throttle responsiveness and top-end pull. However, don’t expect to be blown away. 

With a Thrush baffled muffler, a K&N drop in air filter, new OEM coils, and MSD 8.5mm plug wires, I probably gained 10% more horsepower. More notably, my combined mileage has increased from 19.5mpg to 23.5mpg. 

Again, it was the combination of parts that made this possible, not the E3s alone. The complete combo was well worth $300 for the mileage and minor performance boost. They will provide a smoother idle, increased mileage, and faster starts. 

I’ve used them for a variety of purposes, including adjusting the idle on my ancient Jonsereds chainsaw after adding one of these. Your truck will run well with a new coil pack, E3 plugs, and spark plug wires. You will have no trouble if you use high-quality parts. You get what you pay for when you buy cheap.

What factors should you consider when shopping for a spark plug? – Buying Guide

Product Composition

Spark plugs have three different sorts of metal bodies.

Copper spark plug

As its name suggests, these spark plugs are made of copper. The biggest advantage of having a copper body is the resistance to high temperatures which is required for spark plugs since they have to perform under high-temperature conditions. The copper plugs are also less costly compared to their other variants. The best copper spark plug for your f150 Ecoboost is the Motorcraft SP-432 Spark Plug.

Iridium spark plugs

The popularity of iridium spark plugs are high because of the boost it provides to an engine and the high durability of these spark plugs. The Bosch Automotive 9616 Double Iridium OE Replacement Spark Plug is the greatest iridium spark plug.

Platinum spark plugs

The efficiency of platinum plugs is high. It improves the performance of an engine and also includes heat resistance. These spark plugs are also famous for improving the ignition of the system. However, their exorbitant price is what makes it less favoured by customers. In our list, we haven’t included any platinum spark plugs since they are costly and compared to iridium spark plugs they do not appear to be superior in terms of quality and performance.

Dimensions of the Product

Considering the dimension of a spark plug is important as an improper and different sized spark might not fit the sockets and if this happens a short circuit might also occur. The dimensions of a spark plug range from 10mm to 18mm. But spark plugs that have a thread size of around 14mm, are excellent for an f150 Ecoboost as well as for the other models of Mazda. In terms of size, the Bosch Automotive 9616 Double Iridium OE Replacement Spark Plug is perfect for an f150 Ecoboost.

Size of the gap

The type of spark plug varies from the engine of a diesel vehicle to a gasoline vehicle. This difference is mainly based on the gapping of the spark plug. Even vehicles of different brands and models can also have varying requirements for spark plug gapping. However, it is recommended not to use factory gapped spark plugs, rather gap the pieces as per the fitting of your truck by measuring the requirements thoroughly. This way the spark plugs will fit better in your truck.

According to our analysis, a gap of 0.32 to 0.25 inches is excellent for an f150 Ecoboost, and the Motorcraft SP-479 Spark Plug comes with a pre-gap of 0.33 which is ideal for this type of engine.

Our Verdict

Spark plugs are an important component for any vehicle since they increase combustion and fuel economy. As a result, guaranteeing the health of your spark plug and purchasing the greatest quality product on the market is not only important in terms of value for money, but also for your car’s well-being.

We examined and tested a variety of spark plug types on various vehicles to give you the best and most effective spark plug on the market, and our investigation found that the Motorcraft SP-432 Spark Plug performed the best overall for my f150 Ecoboost. Apart from this, you should also check out the best spark plugs for 5.7 hemi.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many spark plugs does an f150 Ecoboost have?

For reference, my 2014 Ford Ecoboost requires a set of 6 spark plugs with 3 on either side.

2. What brand of spark plugs goes best for an Ecoboost?

According to our analysis, Motorcraft is a well-known company that manufactures the best spark plugs, especially for f150 and it is even recommended by the company manufacturers.

3. How often should you change the spark plugs in a Ford Ecoboost?

Like any other spark plug, a single piece might even last for 100k miles but for safety and reliability, it is better to change the spark plugs after a run of 50k miles.

4. What size socket is a Ford F-150 spark plug?

For the latest versions of the 2014 Ford with a 5.4L V8 2V engine, a socket size of 9/16” is required for the spark plugs

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