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7 Best SBC Valve Covers In [current_date format]- Reviewed + Buying Guide

The point of buying a valve cover is to just provide a bit of protection to your engine. It is not mandatory to buy one, but in case you want to buy one it is better to get a good quality valve cover as a product with bad quality can badly damage your car engine.

A leaky valve cover is not preferable as it can overheat your engine and lead to engine failure in the middle of your journey. Finding a mechanic in the middle of nowhere can be as dangerous as climbing a mountain without any grappling hook.

To save you from all those hassles we have tested and analyzed numerous valve covers that are most preferred by buyers and market experts and have brought to you the 7 best valve covers for your engine.

After analyzing over 30 valve covers available in the market, which has a high-quality build and is available at a reasonable price we found that the Speedway SBC Small Block Aluminum Valve Covers are the best products from this category.

To find more about these covers, let’s check out the review section we have specially designed to help you make your choice.

7 Best SBC Valve Covers- Reviewed

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. Speedway SBC Small Block Aluminum Valve Covers

  • High-quality build
  • Does not allow any oil spillage
  • The cost is comparatively high

Product details:

  1. Polished aluminum valve covers fit ’60-’86 SBC
  2. Feature OEM style baffles and dippers
  3. Made to GM specs

Your Chevy’s stock valve cover has three openings; please don’t imagine I chose a piece that doesn’t have a breather hole. The most recent oil fill caps include built-in breathing holes. Check out the other wonderful features of this cover that prompted me to rank it first among all models.

Through various websites and information exchange, I’ve also discovered that other Chevy owners share my sentiments. The kit consists of two grommets, one for the stock PCV valve and the other is for the breather cap, which is a significant benefit of purchasing this one from Speedway Motors.

Something like this is going to be ideal for SBC engines made between the 1960s and 1980s. The compartment underneath the hood retains its OEM appearance thanks to its excellent finished look with a bow tie Chevrolet insignia.

I particularly like that it has a polished metal shell that is both compact and sturdy. It features a depth of around 3-16 inches and a push hole that is around 1-14 inches. As a result, 1-14″ screws are suggested for installation.

2. Proform Fabricated Valve Cover with Baffle

  • Fits perfectly on my chevy
  • High-quality chrome finish
  • Changing the oil can be a lengthy procedure.

Product details:

  1. Package Dimensions (cm): 52.0 H x 8.0 L x 24.0 W
  2. Package Weight: 2.59 kilograms
  3. Fit type: Vehicle Specific

Its lower cost, almost 20 percent thicker steel body than rival brands, and its coating made of chrome alloy, strongly attractive bowtie design, and Chevy Insignias might as well have gained its high place.

However, due to several criticisms, I had to select it as the next best option. Customers are dissatisfied with the baffles that come with it, which causes the process of changing the to take longer than what is expected

But in contrast to that, I don’t like it because the cover is thin and supports lesser models of the engine compared to the valve cover that we have mentioned earlier. Steel, as a building component, will last nearly as long as aluminum but weighs heavier than aluminum.

If your engine model was created between the 1960s and 1980s, you might choose this one for its convenient features and price point. One thing I must say is that it looks great beneath the hood. The hues are done in such a manner so as to avoid any form of rusting or corrosion.

3. Assault Racing Products A6186P Aluminum Short Style Valve

  • Fits perfectly with the model
  • The paint is quite ravishing
  • Chrome finish would have been more favourable

Product details:

  1. Black Powder Coat Aluminum
  2. Height: 3-3/16 in (Short Style)
  3. Baffles included

These valve covers are quite good. Because the baffles are attached with self-tapping sheet metal screws, the previous objection about connecting the baffles is no longer an issue. To clear my intake manifold, I had to grind a small portion of the cover’s lip, but no one can see it unless they know to look there. They fit perfectly and there are no oil leaks. 

The fin valleys were painted to match the colour of my automobile. I also purchased and painted the PCV and the breather cover. These are low rise valve covers, but they are humped so that they are low rise at each end and rise in the middle. 

They appear to be flat, but I didn’t understand they weren’t. Due to the thickness of the metal, I had to grind them down on the intake manifold side, which is pretty usual. These pieces are significantly heavier than the stamped steel parts I replaced. 

Not that it matters, but if weight is a problem, the thin steel components, chromed, might be a better choice.

4. Billet Aluminum Polished Small Block Chevy valve cover

  • The product fits perfectly
  • Aluminum body
  • The price can be a bit heavy

Product details:

  1. Package Weight: 7.5 lbs
  2. Made in the United States
  3. Package Dimensions : 20.82 L x 4.29 H x 9.25 W

This is one of the most premium valve covers available for a small block Chevy engine. The billet aluminum makes it compact while also being durable and strong enough to last for several seasons. It is far less expensive than the top-rated options here on ranking. 

However, due to the logo design, I was unable to select it as the winner. Visit the link to find out for yourself. It’s just my opinion. These look fantastic; I wish I had purchased them sooner. You remove the breather piece and place a funnel through the rubber grommet. The oil is then poured into the funnel until it reaches the correct oil level for the vehicle.

This product is one of the specialties of billet. Furthermore, the parts are crafted with great care. The manufacturer’s attention to detail and usage of CNC machining will impress you. As a result, installing it will be simple.

5. ProForm 141-899 Stamped Valve Cover

  • The oil changing process is nifty
  • The steel body is quite durable
  • The size seems to be a bit small

Product details:

  1. Proform a trusted industry leader
  2. Backed by manufacturer’s Warranty
  3. Great Performance

I can propose another Proform Valve Cover that does not have the same issues as the prior one. Even though it has a 2-hole construction, the PCV aperture allows for worry-free oil filling. 

If you don’t like the shiny surface of the budget model or can’t live without the logo, this matte-finish steel cover is for you. The cost is more than double that of the previous model, but it is well worth the investment. 

The limited height of this one, however, limits it to a few specific engine models. Aside from that, you’ll appreciate its build quality and fit. Proform does not cut corners when it comes to material quality, as well as the tradition is carried on by using 20 percent stronger heavily loaded steel. 

In a conclusion, you won’t need to change this replacement item for several months. You can also ask the supplier for a customized valve cover for your Chevy 350.

6. Assault Racing Products V4001 Aluminum Long Bolt Valve Covers

  • Looks great
  • Reasonable price
  • There can be instances of oil spillage

Product details:

  1. Tig welded aluminum
  2. Height: 3-3/8″
  3. 1-1/4″ baffled breather holes

These valve covers are extremely well-made and are a terrific choice for any project. They have an excellent finish and quality welds all over. I haven’t had any oil leaks since I installed it. The valve covers are expertly crafted. 

They’re a fantastic fit, and the bangles are at a great spot.

The gasket surfaces are fairly wide for excellent sealing, and the best thing is that they look nice and are reasonably priced.

Makes a small block 350 appear to be a larger engine. They do not leak when used with their reusable gaskets. Much better than many of them out there. Installed them on my Chevy 383 Pro Street AMC Marlin.

I had purchased some other things from this company and was not dissatisfied. I wholeheartedly endorse Assault Racing Products. Great item at a very reasonable price. I’m quite happy with the craftsmanship of these valve covers; they give my Small Block a distinct look.

7. Spectre Performance 5260 Valve Cover

  • Reasonable price
  • Fits well into my vehicle
  • The oil is on the driver’s side

Product details:

  1. Baffled
  2. Sold in pairs
  3. For 87-95 305-350 small block Chevy

First and foremost, these arrived in fantastic condition with a small application of oil on them inside the Spectre box. I have a ’93 Firebird with the LT1 and it was tough to find valve covers that fit for a reasonable price, but due to Spectre and about 5 minutes of attention to the back of my alternator, they fit well. 

I enjoy how they look almost exactly like my OEM ones, except they are chrome. The only complaint is that the oil filler is now on the driver’s side rather than the passenger’s side, as it was on the originals.

#5339 grommet set was also required. I used two sets of #5339 because it comes in two sizes and required two of the same size grommets, as well as two #3998 breather filters. I used part #4320 for the chrome oil cap, but the OEM cap would have sufficed if I wanted to use a black one.

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Valve Covers?- Buying Guide

During the compilation of the list, I created a guide to assist myself in locating the popular brands. Let us discuss those here so that you do not need to depend on the judgments of others.


This is probably the most important criterion for any car accessories. If an accessory does not fit well on a part then it is a complete wastage of money and time. Valve covers are available in a range of sizes from small to large. Depending on your car engine you have to check whether the specifications of your engine match the size of the cover properly.

Among the mentioned products in our list, the Speedway SBC Small Block Aluminum Valve Covers fits the best for a 350 Chevy.


Valve covers are available in mainly two preferable materials. One is aluminum and the other is steel.


The valve covers that are made of aluminum are expensive but lightweight. The best aluminum valve cover on our list is the Assault Racing Products A6186P Aluminum Short Style Valve in terms of its durability.


Valve covers that are made from steel are affordable but have a heavyweight. ON our list the most suited steel valve cover is the ProForm 141-899 Stamped Valve Cover.

Number of holes

The old design of valve covers featured a total of three holes. One was meant for the breathing cap, a second one for filling oil, and a third for PCV. The breathable holes in the later and latest versions have been incorporated into the oil caps, thus there are only two holes in the current designs.

As per our analysis, the Speedway SBC Small Block Aluminum Valve Covers features two holes and is the best valve cover for this feature.


Depending on your choice, you can get two types of finishes for your valve cover. One is a shinier chrome finish which can be attractive for some and the other is a matte finish. For a chrome finish the Billet Aluminum Polished Small Block Chevy valve cover looks the best and for a matte finish the Proform Fabricated Valve Cover with Baffle is the best.

Our Verdict

Installing a valve cover is significantly important to prevent any kind of oil spillage and ensure that the oil remains inside your engine and the engine can utilize the maximum amount of oil injected inside the car.

There are numerous valve covers available in the market however, not all of them are of acceptable quality, and even if they are they might be too pricey. Some products in our list are pricey as well, but considering the value, they add to your car the quality is well worth the cost.

We have analyzed multiple valves covers available in the market and according to our analysis, the best SBC valve cover for a 350 Chevy is the Speedway SBC Small Block Aluminum Valve Covers. Apart from this have a look at Who makes Kirkland motor oil and Napa Batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are aftermarket valve covers worth it?

Aftermarket valve covers are not an absolute necessity, however, they can protect your fuel trims from unmetered air.

2. Should I use an RTV valve cover gasket?

RTV valve covers are not meant for the entire gasket it is only for filling the sides to prevent leaking. Covering your entire gasket with an RTV cover can lead to overheating of the engine.

3. What is a better valve cover gasket rubber or cork?

If you are on a budget a cork one can be used but it might start leaking after some time if you plan to prevent any kind of discrepancies then you must surely go for the rubber one.

4. Do valve covers affect performance?

Till now, no impact has been observed due to valve covers on the performance of an engine.

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