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7 Best HEI Distributor For 350 Chevy – Reviewed + Buying Guide

HEI or High Energy Ignition distributor is an excellent upgrade for a car that improves the ignition performance of the engine The upgrade is cheap as well as extremely easy to install and the performance improvement it provides is an absolute requirement for anyone who wants an effective upgrade for their car. 

If you want the best for your car then we suggest that you go for this upgrade. However, there is a challenge waiting for you if you are new to these kinds of stuff and don’t know how to get the most suitable HEI distributor for your chevy.

But wait! If you want to get this equipment for your car and are a bit concerned about how efficient your search for the most suitable HEI will be then you have arrived just at the right place.

We are here to help you find the best HEI distributor for your 350 Chevy. By surfing through numerous products across the market we have arrived at the 7 best distributors for you. Additionally, we have also identified the best one for your car, and it is the Voltstorm Performance Hei Ignition Distributor SBC BBC 9000RPM V8.

Now, to know more about these products and find the most suited HEI distributor for your car let’s get into the review section.

Best HEI Distributor For 350 Chevy – Reviewed

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. Voltstorm Performance Hei Ignition Distributor SBC BBC 9000RPM V8

  • Easy installation
  • Perfectly compatible with 350 Chevy
  • The price is in the higher range.

Product details:

  1. Standard size HEI
  2. 4-pin ignition module
  3. 9,000 RPM

I installed a Chevy 350 engine in a food truck. Because it wouldn’t fire, I got this instead of tinkering with the coil and everything else. The next day, it arrived at my place, and I plugged it in, linked up two connectors, and the engine fired right up and purred like a kitten. 

And there was more coil in this full brand new unit, so it was a no-brainer. I’ve had the truck for almost 5000 miles now and there hasn’t been a single hitch. I would buy this product again.

The installation procedure is straightforward. Simply connect your distributor to your plugs in the right firing order clockwise. This distributor requires only one hot wire and no resistors. With the key in the on position, use a voltmeter to ensure you’re getting 12 volts. 

Install this distributor in conjunction with new 8mm wires and NGK V-power copper plugs. The contact point between the cap and rotor was substantially greater than on my prior one. It was compatible with my later-style 86 and above roller cam sbc. It started right up and operates great. I know it’s scary for the price, but the quality is there.

2. A-Team Performance – Small Block Big Block EFI TBI Distributor 1987-1997

  • Extremely cheap but a high-quality product.
  • High-durability owing to the steel body
  • The coil could have been better

Product details:

  1. Compatible with GMC Chevy C/K Pickup Truc
  2. Made with high-grade Chromoly steel
  3. CNC-machined aluminum housing

Works well on a 350 stock engine and costs less than an OEM replacement. I just received the second one today, and I used it on a 383 CID stroker engine wiring plugged in and fired up perfectly took the car down the street worked very smoothly os on both a stock engine and a high-performance engine paired with 75 k coil works fantastic

After conducting some research, I discovered that the pricing of this distributor is a better value than replacing the distributor’s components. The new one arrived in a few days, so I swapped it out with my old one and reset the timing, and the vehicle is now operating perfectly. All for under $50.00. That’s a victory in my book any day of the week.

Under the control module, a new high output coil hand is installed. I can’t believe the performance difference, and I’m a technician with 20 years of experience. cs good as long as it lasts the module went out in 500 miles I had an extra one so firms change the module it’s all good.

3. Assault Racing Products 1035001 HEI Distributor SBC

  • Nice quality for the price
  • The condenser configuration is pretty good
  • The vacuum advance canister popped out

Product details:

  1. Small Block & Big Block V8
  2. Fully CNC machined and polished housing
  3. 65,000 Volt Super Coil

I work on automobiles for a living and have been utilizing these unknown distributors for approximately a year and a half. They appear to be well-made and perform as well as other name-brand items. 

I’ve installed a few dozen, and they’re all still working properly on the road. It’s a good upgrade to the points and condenser configuration, and it’s less expensive than buying the points, condenser, cap, and rotor separately from a parts store. 

They are suitable for use as a daily driver or weekend cruiser. Time will tell how long the coils live, but I’ve had more than one name-brand machine burn up internals, and if that happens, you can simply replace the coil.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re upgrading from an earlier style distributor, you’ll need to get extra plug wires as well because they clip on a little differently. Overall, it is a good distributor that performs well for the price and is a definite improvement if you are still using a point dizzy.

4. MAS Ignition Distributor w/Cap & Rotor GM08

  • Easy to install
  • High quality built
  • The advancement weight has chances of snapping off

Product details:

  1. 7500RPM
  2. Compatible with Chevy
  3. 283 to 454 size blocks

Great deal on upgrading my old points distributor to HEI – simple install once I had the oil pump drive aligned, and it works well. I’ve driven around 500 miles with no difficulties since the installation; she’s smoother and gets better gas mileage than before. 

Not bad for a few hours of fiddling and less than $100 in parts (including plugs and cables). In my ’23 t-bucket roadster powered by an sbc 350, I used the distributor. It took the place of a high-end brand-name unit that had failed (probably the control module). 

It took around 15 minutes to take out the old one and replace it with the Assault distributor. She started right up, I adjusted the timing, and we were on our way. Well-made, attractive, simple to install, and functional. Have more firepower, can employ more of the engine’s power range, and connections are robust. This is a must-have for anyone with a V8 Chevrolet engine.

5. STEINBRÜCKE High Performance Red Cap HEI Distributor

  • High RPM range
  • Great ignition boost
  • The main challenge is the installation, you have to be very precise while installing it.

Product details:

  1. 75,000 high voltage coil spark
  2. 9,000 RPM
  3. 4-pin ignition module

In comparison to the price, the product is of good quality. I bought this distributor two years ago and have only had one issue with it: the wire harness inside the distributor broke a wire. I pulled the harness off my OEM distributor and have not had a single issue since. 

I do recommend that before you start the vehicle for the first time, you pull the control module off and apply some thermal paste to it because they do not apply any from the factory. Also, turn the adjustable vacuum advance screw out a few turns because it is set up in and the advance doesn’t work at all unless you change it a little.

If installed properly it immediately starts up. You only need to get the connections right and make sure you’re dead centre. When using markers on the front of the engine crank, you may need to twist the crank more than once. 

The top cover was difficult to seal; I had to remove part of the superfluous silicone on two plug wires to be able to close the top cover properly.

6. ACDelco 93440806 GM Original Equipment Ignition Distributor

  • High-quality for the price
  • The cap and rotor are well-made
  • Excessive shaft endplay

Product details:

  1. Made in Taiwan
  2. Package dimensions : 10.6 l x 8.5 h x 15.6 w (inches)
  3. Fit type: Vehicle Specific

It worked perfectly! Timing should be set at 32° total @ 3,000 RPM with vacuum advance disconnected, according to GM’s website. This sum should be provided by a 10° beginning timing at idle.

An immediate improvement over the old HEI unit’s worn-out advance. The cap and rotor are of exceptional quality and cost more than a third of the price of the entire machine if purchased separately.

My motor appears to operate better at roughly 7 degrees beginning timing, but they are all different, and who knows how accurate the cheap harbor freight timing light I’m using is, as well as the accuracy of the line on the balancer and the old indication tab.

The truck works considerably better now that it has all new parts, which are an identical replacement for the factory item. Even though it was created in another country, it appears to be a high-quality piece for the price. 

This HEI was chosen in an attempt to find the most dependable HEI for my 350 Chevy. I’ve always had faith in AC Delco to produce high-quality parts at a reasonable price. The main disadvantage is that this one has a lot of shaft endplay right out of the box. 

The endplay specification ranges from.010 to.020″. This one is.062″ in length. This type of endplay will lead to irregular timing.

7. MSD 85551 Pro-Billet Distributor

  • It is a kit with every component needed for installation
  • The performance of the ruck improved significantly
  • There is no  instruction manual
  • The price is extremely high

Product details:

  1. Easy-to-adjust mechanical advance
  2. Polished steel shaft
  3. Weights are fine blanked from Chromoly steel

The distributor alone is worth the price. Excellent machining. Even the advanced weights are better stamped than the previous ACCEL curve kit I installed. However, don’t buy this believing you’ll get the free spark plug wires. 

Because #2 crosses over #1, most SBC Chevy wiring has at least one 46″ -50″ wire for it. You will have a wire over the top of the valve covers in the centre. There is also an adjustable vacuum advance, but no instructions are included. 

After connecting the vac pump and gauge, I discovered that this is the type that restricts the plunger’s travel rather than the spring preload. To set this up correctly, you should already have a vacuum pump and a gauge.

Excellent fit and finish. I was impressed since I had to precisely measure components to ensure that I could interchange drive gears. Wires were also impressive, providing much greater space to the exhaust manifold. The truck’s starting and running performance much exceeded expectations.

What to consider while buying an HEI distributor?- Buying Guide

WHether the HEI distributor will be able to improve your engine performance depends on what type of product you are using. The features of an HEI distributor must be considered to get the most out of the products. There includes compatibility, built quality, and efficiency. Let’s discuss these features in a bit more detail.


Companies of different brands of HEI distributors manufacture different types of HEI distributors specifically designed to fit in certain kinds of cars. This means a distributor meant for Silverado might not fit in your Chevy. This is due to the dimensions and fitting plan of the product. Hence, it is important to determine whether the product is specifically made for your car or at least analyze the specifications for clarity.

According to our analysis, the Voltstorm Performance Hei Ignition Distributor SBC BBC 9000RPM V8 is specially designed for a 350 Chevy and fits perfectly in it.

Built quality

The quality of a product is mostly based on the construction of the product which determines how durable the product is. Generally, distributors that are made of steel and have aluminium housing are the most durable and heat-resistant as well.

The A-Team Performance – Small Block Big Block EFI TBI Distributor 1987-1997 is made of high Chromoly steel and has an aluminium housing which makes the product the most durable out of the list.


The efficiency of an HEI distributor depends on the amount of improvement it adds to the performance of a car. The RPM it generates determines how well the car will go.

The Voltstorm Performance Hei Ignition Distributor SBC BBC 9000RPM V8 has an RPM of 9000 and is surely the best out of the lot for boosting the performance of the engine.

Our Verdict

The HEI, or High Energy Ignition distributor, is an outstanding modification for a car that increases the engine’s ignition performance. The function of an HEI distributor is to improve the ignition spark so that the firing time of the engine is reduced and the car can have a better RPM. 

Choosing a good HEI distributor can require a proper understanding of some technicalities and so in this article we have provided our reviews on 7 HEI distributors that according to us are the best. 

Among these 7 distributors, the one that impressed us the most was the Voltstorm Performance Hei Ignition Distributor SBC BBC 9000RPM V8 which has an excellent RPM of 9000. It is easy to install as well. The only drawback is its price which is quite high. We also talked about Chevy 350 Headers and 350 Chevy carburettors. So make sure to check them out too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good HEI distributor?

A good HEI distributor offers reliability along with performance improvement for your engine. For a 350 Chevy, a heavy-duty HEI distributor is required and these features are all contained in the Voltstorm Performance Hei Ignition Distributor SBC BBC 9000RPM V8.

2. Are HEI distributors better?

HEI distributors are of course better as they offer better ignition sparks.

3. How many wires go to an HEI distributor?

Two wires are generally required for an HEI distributor. One is the tachometer wire and the other is called the hot wire.

4. Will a new ignition coil improve performance?

Ignition coils do improve the performance of the engine. The thumb rule is that the more windings added to the coil and the heavier the gauge material is the better will be the performance.

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