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7 Best Exhaust Headers For Chevy 350 – Reviewed + Buying Guide

Are you going to DIY an exhaust system? Are you not sure that it will properly eliminate the engine gases? You are one lucky person. Why? Because you have landed at just the right place. We have brought you the best and most efficient headers for your Chevy 350 exhaust system. 

The entire concept of having a header connected to an exhaust system is to enhance the evacuation of exhaust gases from your engine. 

The importance of the header is quite prominent as if the combustion gases remain in your system, then it will have two consequences. One, it will decrease the space for the combustion of fresh fuel, and second, it will deposit tar inside your motors which might lead to engine failure and can even be dangerous.

Because you may be inexperienced with the subtleties of headers or how to choose the ideal one for your Chevy 350, we have examined and analyzed a selection of headers for your Chevy 350.

According to our study, the best header is the Mophorn Exhaust Header Exhaust Turbo Headers. This article will help you learn about the various alternatives available based on your preferences and budget, as well as what to look for when choosing a header to return the roar to your engines. Recently we also talked about the Chevy 350 Carburetor and the Chevy 350 Camshafts. So make sure to have a look at them too.

So, without further ado, let’s get started on the list.

7 Best Exhaust Headers For Chevy 350 – Reviewed + Buying Guide

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. Mophorn Exhaust Header Exhaust Turbo Headers

  • High-quality stainless steel body
  • The fitting is perfect for a Chevy 350
  • The cost is relatively higher

Product details:

  1. High-quality Stainless Steel
  2. With CNC Machined Flanges, 2 1/2″ collector, 1 5/8″ primaries
  3. Mandrel-bent to maintain an unrestricted flow

I installed these on an LQ9 with a Magnaflow on replacement cat for the truck and an MBRP cat-back for a 6.0L ’09-newer. Everything went into my ’95 GMC K2500, and they sound fantastic together. 

They aren’t equal-length headers, but they sound that way. Also, when I first started the truck’s engine, I had the fuel mixture lean and ended up heating these cherry red hot, but they dissipated heat so quickly that they were cool to the touch in less than 20 minutes. 

I am confident that you will not find a better deal at this pricing. These headers work perfectly. You can’t just use a ratchet and a spark plug socket; you have to use a spark plug socket and a 3/4 wrench and turn the socket with the wrench. 

It’s not enjoyable, but it’s doable. I thought the quality to be good for the price, the fit and finish to be better than I had hoped, and they looked great as well. I bought these headers without knowing what to anticipate, but I was pleasantly surprised by what they had to offer.

2. BetterCloud Stainless Headers Fit For Chevy GMC

  • Fits perfectly
  • The installation process is a breeze
  • All the components might not be a good fit for every chevy

Product details:

  1. Head Flange Thickness: 7/16″ / Primary Tube Size: 1.75″
  2. Outlet Size: 2.5″ / Outlet Flange Thickness: 3/8″
  3. Header Features 8-2 Light Weight Design

These headers fit my chevy 350 4×4 without any issues. The build quality/materials/welds appear considerably superior to the pricing. I didn’t notice any pinpricks. 

They bolted onto the mid-pipe without a hitch and don’t appear to be leaking anywhere as far as I can determine. I went out and got my own bolts as well as a nice gasket to fit the head. There is no EGR valve connection, which is convenient.

I’d guess a 10-15hp gain, but I also installed a cherry bomb vortex muffler. The supplied flange bolts are too short for the right (passenger) side; therefore, use a donut style flange instead of a flat one; transfer over the donut and pick up 2inch long 10X1.5 and use supplied nuts. 

Instead of trying the Header bolts to the head, I ordered some ZWHIP bolts with a larger 13mm head. There was plenty of space. Move the steering shaft out of the way to make removing the old manifold easier. You may separate the shaft by loosening the 15mm bolt. They look and sound fantastic.

3. Tunerbits Chevy GMC Headers Pair

  • The installation was a breeze
  • The welding quality is great
  • The hardware included in the pack does not fit properly

Product details:

  1. CNC machine flanges with TIG and MIG welded construction
  2. Direct bolt-on installation
  3. High-Quality Polished Stainless Steel

The quality of the headers I received astounded me. The welds were good, and the insides of the tubes were machined/ground flush where welding was present. The headers themselves are beautifully crafted. 

The fit was fantastic, and the installation was a breeze. The most difficult repair/task ever was removing the old one. So, if you have an old vehicle with rusted bolts into the block, expect a lot of extra labor to get the OEM manifold off the engine.

 The bottom bolts had welded themselves shut, so I had to clip them. I couldn’t turn or remove the nut from the bolt even after cutting it in half. There isn’t much room to cut in there, so prepare for many hours of tedious cutting with a Dremel cutting wheel on a long flexible shaft. To get to the headers, I disassembled the entire wheel well. 

The provided hardware isn’t outstanding and didn’t work well for my application. I had to go out and get bolts that would actually fit my engine. I did, however, heed the advice of others and got felpro gaskets. 

The gasket that came with it appeared to be adequate, but I agree with the other reviewers in that I never want to have to disassemble the entire truck to replace gaskets.

4. BLACKHORSE-RACING Exhaust Header 

  • For Chevy 350 the fitting is perfect
  • The design is also great
  • For any chevy before 1970 it won’t fit properly and the driver-side manifold hits the oil filter. 

Product details:

  1. Materials: T-304 Full Stainless Steel
  2. Outlet Size: 2.5″
  3. Primary Tube Size: 1 5/8″

I put these on my 1974 Chevy C10. I had angled plug heads on my sbc, and they cleared the plugs and everything else well! They fit like a glove, in my opinion!! They have robust flanges and come with all the necessary hardware. 

If you’re searching for a nice header with exceptional fit, quality, and ground clearance, these are the ones for you! So, if you’re switching to a dual weld in the exhaust, give them a shot.

The high-quality metal body of the header prevents any kind of heat damage to the product even after a long journey and at high temperatures. Moreover, the steel is also resistant to oxidation which increases the longevity of the product even more. 

Overall the temperature and oxidation resistance of the product is great and for the price, these features are a treat. The header fits perfectly and is weighs a minimum. The welding is also of high quality.

5. Flowtech 11500FLT Black Standard Headers

  • The clearances are consistent
  • The pricing is affordable
  • The passenger side does not fit properly

Product details:

  1. Fuel Economy From The Engine
  2. Leak Test For Max Performance
  3. Mandrel-Formed Power Plenum

The pricing of these headers drew me in, and they were also the closest in shape and specs to what I had on the vehicle. I didn’t like the exhaust port flanges at first since they appeared wimpy. 

I assumed they’d have the typical issues that come with cheap headers: sealing issues due to the primary tube and exhaust port shape and alignment, bolts loosening and gaskets blowing out due to flanges not being stiff enough.

Having to install them numerous times due to clearance issues requiring a dimple here and a dent there. After reading numerous reviews, I purchased these and was not disappointed in any way, and when I realized how thick the flanges were, my fears about cheap header issues vanished. 

They also did an excellent job of matching the port placement and shape at the head, as well as having consistent clearances for the bolts on the primaries and sufficient clearance at the starter. 

I am confident that the pricing is lower because of labor and material savings from employing CNC tube bending tooling.

6. labwork Stainless Steel Header Exhaust

  • The price is quite a buyer-friendly
  • Both the sides fit perfectly
  • The installation process can be hectic

Product details:

  1. Made of high-quality T304 stainless steel for strength and durability
  2. TIG-welded CNC machine flange, all necessary hardware are included
  3. Replacement for 1988-1997 Chevy/GMC 5.0/5.7 V8 C/K Truck

This was a perfect fit for my 1978 Chevrolet C10 Small Block Chevy 350 Straight plug Aluminum Heads, there is enough space between the headers and the chassis so don’t worry about that, spark plugs that can be installed perfectly don’t have to bang on anything. 

It was installed in blueprint aluminum heads straight spark plugs, the headers come with everything they need, and they also fit on the original heads. The sound is incredible, and I just gave it a fresh coat of ceramic flame-resistant spray before installing it. 

They are 100% recommended and perform admirably. There is plenty of space on both sides. The pass side was dropped in from above, and the driving side was dropped in from below. They both slid effortlessly into place. 

I’m quite pleased with these headers. It took me two weekends, but I took my time.

7. JEGS Painted Long Tube Headers

  • The built-quality is great
  • The flanges are also of high-quality
  • The gaskets are cheap and not that great

Product details:

  1. Mandrel-bent and fully tig welded primary tubes
  2. Fits Chevy/ GMC pickups and SUVs
  3. Black painted finish

The headers are good; they have a thick flange and appear to be solidly constructed. I used different gaskets than what came with these, so I can’t speak to the quality of the ones that came with, but the hardware worked perfectly and the headers are solidly built. 

The bolting flag is made of thicker metal than most and doesn’t leak as most cheaper ones do. My only concern was that the very last bolt on the passenger side of my 1985 C10 305 was not lined up. 

To pull the header down, I had to create a bracket. It was so far away that I had to screw the header bolt in from the headers themselves. Everything else was in order. 

I’m not sure how serious this will be in the long run. But I’m certain it’s not good. Aside from that, everything went as planned. These are well-made headers, with the best feature being the quarter-inch-thick Header Flange Plates, which reduce the possibility of warpage.

What to consider while buying a header for your Chevy 350?- Buying Guide

1. Size of header

According to our testings, our team has concluded that if you have a Chevy 350 then the best option for you will be a header with a size range of its primary tubes from 1 1/2″ to 1 5/8″ diameter and for the collector 2 1/2 or 3 inches. 

The significance of selecting the right size of the header is that it will enhance the rate of elimination of exhaust gases. Also, it develops enough pressure to give a strong torque.

From the given specification of its size, the Mophorn Exhaust Header Exhaust Turbo Headers have proved to be the best size for a Chevy 350.

2. Length of tube header

There are generally two types of tube headers according to their length, these are short and full-length.

3. Shorty headers

Shorty headers are especially applicable in vehicles that have limited space in their engine bay and are also good for lowered cars. These headers allow a faster elimination of gases. 

If you are going for a shorty then Mophorn Exhaust Header Exhaust Turbo Headers is the best option for you.

4. Full-length headers

The main advantage of using full-length headers is that it reduces back feed from the exhaust gases. These headers consist of long primary tubes that converge into a single collector.

If you are going for a full-length header then BetterCloud Stainless Headers Fit For Chevy GMC will surely impress you.

5. Ceramic coating and other resistant features

An important aspect that must be present in a header is heat resistance so that it does not melt to the high temperature, especially during long drives. Another important addition to the features can be oxidation resistance. This will ensure the better longevity of your header.

Along with this, usually, manufacturers don’t offer a pre-ceramic coated body so you can apply a ceramic coating to your header for fire resistance.

BLACKHORSE-RACING Exhaust Header has the features of temperature as well as oxidation resistance and that also at an affordable price.

Our Verdict

The necessity of the header is obvious because if the combustion gases remain in your system, two things will happen. One, it reduces the space available for the burning of new gasoline, and two, it deposits tar inside your engines, which can lead to the failure of your engine.

For these very reasons, a header is an absolute necessity for your Chevy exhaust system. We have tried and tested numerous headers to find the best one for a Chevy 350 and according to our analysis, Mophorn Exhaust Header Exhaust Turbo Headers is the best header. The only drawback is its relatively higher price, but given its high quality, the price is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Long or full-length tubers make the most horsepower at a high rpm.

  • For all-around coverage and proper fitting in a Chevy 350, full-length headers are the best.

  • The installation of a good-quality header will add an immediate HP of 16hp in average. It will also add an average of 53 foot-pounds of torque.

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