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6 Best Exhaust For Silverado 5.3

Are you a car enthusiast? Is it crucial to you to have the best exhaust? If you answered yes to these questions, you don’t need to seek any further since we’ve compiled a list of the best exhausts for your Silverado 5.3 on the market. A dependable exhaust for any engine is both functional and visually beautiful.

Because you may be inexperienced with the subtleties of exhausts or how to choose the ideal one for your Silverado 5.3, we have examined and analyzed a selection of exhausts for your Silverado 5.3.

According to our study, the best exhaust is the Borla 140550BC S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System. This article will help you learn about the various alternatives available based on your preferences and budget, as well as what to look for when choosing an exhaust to return the roar to your engines.

We recently talked about the best exhaust for chevy colorado and in this post, we’re going to mention some of the best exhausts for Silverado 5.3. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the list.

6 Best Exhaust For Silverado 5.3

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 15268 – Street Series

  • Roaring sound
  • Instant boost to the horsepower
  • Quite expensive

Product details:

  1. Stainless-Steel construction
  2. For the 2014-2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  3. CNC precision robotic manufacturing process

I have a 2015 GMC Sierra 5.3L, and choosing between MagnaFlow and FlowMaster cat-back exhaust systems was difficult. My aim for the exhaust tone from the beginning was for it to be somewhat loud but not irritating. I also wanted it to sound fantastic without compromising HP/TQ and MPG benefits, and to be overall easy to install because I would be doing it myself.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. This product is well-made, from the package to the hardware and everything in between. In fact, the exhaust system was of such high quality that it fits and operates better with the frame and exhaust hangers than the OEM exhaust did.

Because of the OEM rubber hangers, removing the OEM exhaust was the most difficult portion of the installation. The MagnaFlow fit perfectly after everything was removed. This is far superior.

Starting with the catalytic converter and working your way back (ensure you use the correct sized clamps given, which are marked) all the way over the axle and dual tips out the rear, plus adding one hanger to the driver’s side with the provided hardware, is all that is required. After that, just small changes and final tightening remain.

The MagnaFlow exhaust has a 2.75″ input and a twin 2.5″ exit from the muffler. The muffler is a straight flow muffler that does not have any baffles or resonators. As a result, you’ll get the greatest flow out of this system, which includes baffles and resonators to produce a more aggressive/louder tone. 

I’m pleased with the way this exhaust sounds. It’s not quite, but it’s noticeable and reasonably loud. However, it is not overly loud and is not at all bothersome.

2. BORLA 140546 Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • Sounds amazing
  • Better throttle response
  • The plastic body is a huge concern

Product details:

  1. Package dimensions :152.4 cm L x40.64 cm W x36.83 cm H
  2. country of origin :United States
  3. package weight :62.0lbs

Fits flawlessly on my 2015 Silverado 5.3l and was simple to install by myself. I had to detach the stock muffler assembly as a whole piece, which took the longest. I had to drop the spare tire down but there was no need to completely remove it. 

I’ve kept it on for about a year and it’s become louder over time. It probably wakes the neighbors up in the morning, is audible when you press the acceleration pedal, but quiets down beautifully when you’re traveling. 

It is not audible when the music is turned down or when you are chatting. You can tell when it’s in v4 because there’s no helicopter and the truck sounds like it’s laboring. When the v8 kicks in, everything returns to normal. 

The installation process was really simple. It took around an hour for me and a companion. The sound is simply flawless. There is no drone when driving down the interstate, and the tone is really powerful without sounding like a trashy system someone made in their garden. 

Definitely worth the extra money. If you’re looking for sound, this is the place to be.

3. MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 15267 – Street Series

  • Sound is appropriate for a passenger car
  • Fits perfectly
  • Got crack on the welds after a year

Product details:

  1. Stainless-Steel construction
  2. For the 2014-2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  3. CNC precision robotic manufacturing process

Excellent service and a fantastic product! My exhaust arrived quickly and in excellent shape. This product’s packaging was outstanding. The quality of the exhaust truly amazed me. 

The clamps are heavy robust, and the metal on the muffler and piping is heavy gauge. The welds were neat and exact. The fit was ideal. The installation process was simple. The most difficult aspect was removing the previous exhaust. 

I used a Sawzall to make two cuts on either side of the muffler and removed the old exhaust in three parts. Installed new exhaust from the tip to the catalytic converter per the directions. Everything was really beautifully put together.

It should be neither too loose nor too tight. The clamps left an impression on me. I was going to have the exhaust welded at a muffler shop, but after seeing the clamps and putting everything together, I’m not going to do that. 

The exhaust tip is quite attractive. I’m very impressed. Now for the audio. Buy something else if you want a loud exhaust. I was hoping for a mellow low tone from this exhaust, and I got it. 

I don’t like loud exhaust, but I do enjoy hearing a growl. I drove on the highway, and it is extremely peaceful unless you go on it, and even then it is not noisy by any stretch of the imagination. I can now hear a slight burble when decelerating, which I had not considered before.

4. Flowmaster 817669 American Thunder 409S Cat-Back System

  • The installation process is extremely easy
  • Fits perfectly to my Silverado 5.3
  • The system is too noisy

Product details:

  1. Stainless Steel Construction
  2. Great Performance Tone
  3. Patented Delta Flow technology

The fit is perfect. It took roughly 2.5 hours to complete the installation. I wanted to highlight a few concerns I had that had not been addressed in other reviews.

As many other reviews have indicated, the clamps are horrible. 

I solved it by removing the clamps, putting the clamp in a vice, and using a punch to pull the bolt out of the wedge-shaped component that stops the clamp from tightening all the way. 

Remove the wedge. These were nicely tightened using a cordless impact wrench. Also, don’t do what I did and use the star washers last to secure the new exhaust flanges to the rubber mounts.

They are installed last and are not used on the one mounting flange that will be bolted to the left side of the car. I ruined two of them by doing this since they are all shipped on the bolt and you believe they go on the bolt but they don’t.

I was concerned about how noisy it would be. The American Thunder is flawless. This is a classic rumble. When under 2000 RPM, it tends to buzz a little while towing. There is a very loud sound at 1800 RPM.

5. Dynomax 39499 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

  • Sounds amazing
  • The build quality is great
  • The installation process is tedious.

Product details:

  1. Stainless steel construction
  2. 100% welded design
  3. Flow up to 2,000 SCFM

This was installed on my 2012 Silverado Crew Cab with the Vortec 5.3L engine. As some may tell you, removing the factory exhaust in one piece is challenging but not impossible. 

The other difficult step is getting everything evenly positioned on the back. That alone took me at least 45 minutes. Despite my attempts, the tips appear to be hanging a little low. 

To correct the condition, I believe I have added some 4-inch exhaust tips later, as the 3-inch tips that come with the exhaust system appear to be too tiny. Aside from that, it’s a fantastic sounding exhaust.

At idle or low RPMs, it’s low pitched and rumbly, but it sings when you hit the gas, and there’s absolutely no drone at cruising RPMs (1500-2500). If you want something that sounds fantastic but won’t cause a commotion among your neighbors, this is the system for you. 

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my purchase.

6. MBRP S5081304 Exhaust System Cat Back

  • Improves the horsepower of the car
  • The noise is not very loud
  • The installation process is challenging

Product details:

  1. T304 Stainless Steel Black Tip
  2. Mandrel-Bent 3″ Tubing
  3. Bolt-On Installation

The hardest part of the installation was removing the old clamps and disconnecting the back pipes from the prior muffler. Simply removing the clamps will save you time.

Everything else went as planned, and it fit flawlessly in my Silverado 5.3. It’ll go even faster if your vehicle has a 6-inch lift, as I didn’t have to jack it up at all.

The external sound is quite loud, which is precisely what I was looking for, and there is a very little amount of noise at 1500 rpm, so I can listen to the radio at a normal level while speaking with someone in the back seat. It lets out a tremendous roar when you stamp on it.

An excellent enhancement that is easy to set up. It gives the car a truck-like sound and looks and performs admirably. It isn’t one of the less priced, louder, and more irritating systems.

What to consider while buying a car exhaust for your Silverado 5.3?- Buying Guide

In this section, I’ll go over a few important traits that you should be aware of. When these features are combined, they produce the ideal exhaust system for a Chevrolet Colorado.

Catalytic Converter

The major function of the catalytic converter is to prevent and eliminate the toxic air produced during the combustion process in the engine. Several vehicles additionally monitor the gas mixture passing through the engine in order to assess data about the engine’s condition.

Because countries have different emissions rules, catalytic converters are necessary for the exhaust system and must be included in your system.

According to the results of the tests, the MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 15268 – Street Series has the best catalytic converter installed, and it also meets US environmental criteria.


To reduce noise, an exhaust system is used. The engine not only produces gas, but it also produces noise. There are a number of strategies for canceling out as many noises as possible. One can choose to improve it, change it, or even get rid of it.

BORLA 140546 Cat-Back Exhaust System is an excellent solution for those who want a powerful but not deafening sound from their colorado.


A header is a structural element that connects the engine’s exhaust system to the engine’s body. It should be noted that due to engineering variations, the pipe and exhaust should be acceptable.

If the layouts are compatible to some extent, there may be several ways to properly integrate them. The MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 15267 – Street Series is the ideal alternative for a header.

Pipe for exhaust

Personal preference dictates the exhaust pipe, which is an important component of the overall look. The type of exhaust you choose is determined by your personal preferences. The sound produced by single-row and two-row exhausts is just slightly different.

The MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 15268 – Street Series boasts a stunning exhaust pipe that transforms your vehicle into a showpiece.

Our Verdict

Although the Silverado 5.3 is a large-load pickup truck, its engine is fairly powerful. This increases the pace of emissions as well as the number of other pollutants generated by the engine and should be removed from the truck. The standard Silverado 5.3 exhaust system might not be the most efficient.

As a result, it may be preferable to replace it with a better one. According to our findings, the MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 15268 – Street Series outperforms the competition in terms of overall performance.

The only disadvantage is that it is more expensive than other products in the same category. However, in terms of efficiency, it provides good value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to increase the horsepower of your car, we propose the MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 15267 - Street Series. It adds a boost to about 1000 hp.

The MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 15268 - Street Series is unquestionably the finest in terms of overall performance, and accordingly, MagnaFlow is unquestionably the best for a company in which every product is the best in terms of performance.

The exhaust system does not provide much horsepower by itself, but when combined with an air intake and power programmer, you might experience a significant performance improvement.

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