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6 Best Exhaust For Chevy Colorado – Reviewed + Buying Guide

Are you a petrolhead? Is having the best exhaust important to you? If the answer to these questions is yes then you don’t have to look anywhere else since we’ve collected a collection of the best exhausts for your Chevy Colorado available in the market. A dependable exhaust for any engine is both useful and appealing in design. 

Now the major issue might be that you are unfamiliar with the intricacies of exhaust or how to select the best one, therefore we have investigated and analyzed a variety of exhausts for your Chevy Colorado. 

The Borla 140550BC S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System is the best exhaust, according to our research. This article will assist you in discovering the different options available based on your preferences and budget, as well as what to look for when selecting an exhaust to restore the roar to your engines.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with the list.

6 Best Exhaust For Chevy Colorado – Reviewed + Buying Guide

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. Borla 140550BC S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • Fits perfectly
  • Great design and well-built
  • A bit on the expensive side

Product details:

  1. Package dimensions :40.64 cm L x43.18 cm W x149.86 cm H
  2. Country of origin: United States
  3. package weight :46.0lbs

I bought the Borla system over a year ago and planned to write the review after I’d had it on the vehicle for a while. First and foremost, it sounds fantastic! Excellent tone and not too loud.

Second, there’s the installation. I put mine in my driveway. The Borla system fits exactly, the tips are level, and it appears to be 100 percent “factory,” meaning professional and without any indication of an add-on or that it had to be modified to fit. 

The look of the installation is perfect. Because I removed the factory exhaust in one piece, it took some time. I had the front on ramps and had to raise the axle with a floor jack to get enough clearance under the truck to remove and replace the original exhaust. 

After finishing the installation, I called Borla support to inquire about bolt torque standards and began talking about my experience with the engineer. 

When I told him what I needed to do to get the factory exhaust off the vehicle, he laughed and said that most folks will use a reciprocating saw and cut the stock exhaust after the muffler to make it easier to remove.

This is a very well-engineered system for professional or do-it-yourself installation. The fit, function, and performance are all superb. Borla’s customer service is outstanding. 

While Borla may be a little more expensive if you want a high-quality product that you’ll love, spend the extra money. This is a value play, and you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

2. Borla 140595 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • Better throttle response
  • Sounds amazing
  • The plastic body is a huge concern

Product details:

  1. Country of origin: United States
  2. Package dimensions :26.67 cm L x71.12 cm W x111.76 cm H
  3. package weight :48.0lbs

This is, in my opinion, the best-sounding exhaust for the Chevy Colorado. Based on the sound clips I heard, this exhaust sounded exactly like what I wanted my Chevy Colorado to sound like. 

I think it sounds even better in person. When you’re just cruising, it’s very quiet, but once you get on it, it really opens up and sounds wonderful. Having said that, the fit and finish aren’t what I was anticipating. 

I couldn’t get the tips to be centered in the exhaust cutouts in the bumper after installing everything and adjusting it as much as I could. On both sides, the points are extremely close to the outside edges of the cutouts. 

On the outside edge of the bumper cutouts, there is about a 1/2 inch of space between the tip and the plastic, and then a wider open space on the interior of the cutout. 

I’m concerned about the possibility of plastic melting. Also, the tips themselves aren’t always accurate. It’s almost as though when they were welded on, some of them were twisted a little counter-clockwise and others slightly clockwise off-center. 

It’s not bad, but it’s obvious. I’m not sure if I just got one from a terrible batch. I tried contacting Borla, but I never received a response. Overall, it’s still the greatest sounding exhaust available for Chevy Colorado; I only wish the fit and finish matched how wonderful it sounds.

3. MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System

  • Instant boost to the horsepower
  • Roaring sound
  • Quite expensive

Product details:

  1. Fast-flowing mandrel bent pipes
  2. Dyno-proven power
  3. CNC precision robotic manufacturing process

It seemed a little costly to me, but it was well-made. You must, without a doubt, have a budget for it. Except for one welded hanger, the fit was excellent. It was a little too long and pressed upon the frame without enough clearance room, causing a rattle that I had to rectify. 

The instant horsepower and engine response time were noticeably improved. Aside from that, I’m quite pleased with the increased performance and low-end rumble. The perfect marriage of sound and performance. 

Excellent upgrade that is simple to install. It makes the car sound like a truck, and it looks and performs admirably. It is not one of the less expensive, loud, and obnoxious systems.

The only issue was that after the pipe sealant cured, it displaced the back end about 1/8 turn clockwise, necessitating the creation of a spacer for the hanger to straighten it out. But, for all of this money, there is no Decal Magnaflow.

4. MagnaFlow Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System

  • Sound is appropriate for a passenger car
  • Fits perfectly
  • Got crack on the welds after a year

Product details:

  1. Fast-flowing mandrel bent pipes
  2. Black-coated finish
  3. CNC precision robotic manufacturing process

This was a really simple installation that just required a pry bar, a 15mm deep hole socket, a rachet, a torque wrench, WD-40 or a comparable substance, and approximately 35 minutes to complete, including being OCD and cleaning up. 

I did the following to remove the OEM muffler from the rubber hangers: 

  • WD40 on the rubber hanger, and I was able to push off with my hand. 
  • WD40 on the rubber hanger and a 12″ crowbar were used to force off the hanger, using the front of the OEM tailpipe as a fulcrum and pulling the bottom of the crowbar toward the front of the Jeep, which took around 5 seconds.

I put lubrication (anti-seize) to the male end of the OEM pipe and the inside of the female end of the Magnaflow 2 1/2 muffler before installing it “pipe to reduce friction as you slide it on. 

I then pulled on the exhaust pipe from the back of the catalytic converter and pushed on the muffler, and both ends readily connected. I used protective foam packaging over the tips and bubble wrap over the body to keep them from scratching during the installation, and it worked great. 

It’s got a nice finish. 4 suggestions “and the rest higher than the OEM tip It has a wonderful low tone but isn’t too loud.

5. Gibson 65585 Stainless Cat-Back Dual Sport Exhaust System

  • The steel tips are stunning
  • Excellent performance
  • The sound is too loud

Product details:

  1. 225-in Stainless mandrel-bent tubing
  2. Baffled & Chambered Design
  3. 4 inch Polished T304 Stainless Rolled Angle-Cut Tip Clamp-On

Although it is compatible with my truck, the exhaust hangers did not completely line up, thus I had to make it work. Cutting the pipe for my short-bed was a pain; I used a hack saw and it took me about a half-hour to cut through it. 

In terms of appearance, the dual stainless steel tips are stunning. It is a little louder than expected, with a very deep growl, which is exactly what I was looking for because these V6 Colorados can be a little raspy. 

In terms of performance, I didn’t buy it for that reason. I already had a Tune and a Cold Air Intake installed in it. 

After driving, I found that the performance is similar; it felt a little stronger going up hills while being deafeningly loud. When combined with a cold air intake and a tune, you’ll have a 5.8-5.9 second truck all day.

6. MagnaFlow D-Fit Muffler Replacement Kit Performance Exhaust System

  • The design is awesome
  • Sounds strong
  • The installation process is exhausting

Product details:

  1. Specifically designed for the 2009-2021 Ram 1500
  2. Bolt-on installation
  3. Stainless Steel body

The installation was very simple, but the most difficult part was removing the old clamps and taking the back pipes out of the old muffler just cut the clamps off and you’ll save yourself some time. 

Everything else went swimmingly and was a perfect match for my 2016 RAM 1500 Longhorn. It will go even faster if you have a 6-inch raise on your vehicle since I didn’t even need to jack it up. 

The external sound is somewhat aggressive, which is exactly what I wanted, and there is very little cab drone at 1500 rpm, so I can listen to the radio at regular volume while conversing with someone in the rear seat. When you stamp on it, it makes a nice deep growl.

After listening to 100 trucks on YouTube and reading reviews, I decided this could be a great choice, and I’m glad I did. Perfect for what I was looking for. 

Some other exhausts sounded similar but were not Direct Fit, necessitating welding, whereas this one does not; simply slide it on the same way your stock does, tighten up your new clamps, and you’re done. Probably about two hours with a friend.

What to consider while buying a car exhaust for your Chevy Colorado?- Buying Guide

In this section, I’ll go over a few key characteristics that you should understand. If these characteristics are combined, they result in the best exhaust system for a Chevrolet Colorado.

1. Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter’s primary function is to prevent and eliminate the harmful air created during the combustion process in the engine. Several vehicles also check the gas mixture going through the engine to analyze data regarding the engine’s condition. 

Catalytic converters are required in the exhaust system because countries have varying emissions regulations, and they must be included in your system. 

From the trials, it is evident that Borla 140550BC S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System has the best catalytic converter installed in it that also meets the US environmental standards.

2. Muffler

An exhaust system is utilized to attenuate the sound. The engine not only generates gas but also noise. There are several techniques for canceling out as many noises as feasible. One can either choose to enhance it, change it, or even eliminate it.

Generally prefer a strong sound for their colorado which is also not deafening and for this Borla 140595, S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System is the best choice.

3. Header

A header is a structural device that connects the exhaust system of the engine to the body of the car’s engine. It should be noted that the pipe and exhaust should be appropriate owing to engineering variances. 

If the layouts are compatible to some level, there can be numerous approaches to effectively merge them. The best option for a header can be easily found in the Borla 140550BC S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System model.

4. Exhaust pipe

Personal taste governs the exhaust pipe, which is a significant element of the total aesthetic. Personal choice determines the sort of exhaust you select. The sound produced by single-row and two-row exhausts differs only a little.

The MagnaFlow D-Fit Muffler Replacement Kit Performance Exhaust System has a gorgeous-looking exhaust pipe that makes your car look like a hunk.

Our Verdict

The Chevrolet Colorado is a large-load pickup truck, but its engine tends to be quite powerful. This increases the rate of emissions as well as other pollutants emitted by the engine and should be eliminated from the truck. The typical Chevrolet Colorado exhaust may not be the most efficient. 

For this reason, one might want to replace it with a better one. According to our analysis, we found Borla 140550BC S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System to be the best in overall performance. 

The only drawback, however, is its price which is comparatively higher than other products of the same category. But considering its efficiency it has got the value for the money. Previously we also talked about the Best Chevy 350 Carburetors and Chevy 350 Camshafts so make sure to have a look.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to give a boost to the horsepower of your car then we would recommend going for the MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System.

For overall performance, the Borla 140550BC S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System is surely the best, but for a brand whose every product is A-class in terms of performance MagnaFlow is surely the best.

The exhaust system will not provide much power on its own, but when paired with an air intake and power programmer, you may notice a huge performance improvement.

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